Imperial Throne

Standard Imperial Throne

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Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
Attention Star Wars fans! This map took me a very long time... I wanted a lot of Star Wars feel to it. The map is about 90% accurate when it comes to the layout of the actual throne room. After a lot of research and pictures I made the scale bigger in order to have it also feel very Halo. The map has great aesthetics for authenticity and plays well with all game types. Slayer and Strongholds definitely had the best feel playing this map, however CTF and Breakout are both supported. Great multi layering with the catwalks, and a nostalgic death sequence if you happen to fall into the chasm. The map does have subtle hints that show you which side you are on. Included in the pictures is an actual layout from a star wars book. So you can see how close it is (almost exact minus a few windows that are a lot of pieces). I am new to the forge community, but not new to forge. If you love star wars and halo, this map was made for you!
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