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How To Get Screenshots

Welcome to the HaloCustoms map database! When posting a map to the database, it is required that you have at least one image or video link showing off your map. This is necessary so that other users can have an idea of what your map is like, and it generally attracts more people to look at your post.

The process for getting a screenshot for Halo 5 or H2A is a little complicated, as there is no online file share as of yet. Until we have access to this, here is a process for getting screenshots without any special hardware required.

Step 1: Taking the Screenshot

Load up your map in a custom game for exactly one minute, and make sure to wait out the timer so that the game completes. This will create a film that can be viewed in theater as your current Watch Film. Make sure to load up the custom game footage if you want to avoid forge objects appearing in the shot. Enter theater and position the shot you want to take. Make sure all UI is cleared off of the screen so that just your map geometry is showing. Hit the Home Button (central X shaped and glowing) and then Y on your Xbox 1 controller. This will save the screenshot to the Game DVR app on your Xbox.

Step 2: Transfer to Computer

Once you have taken all of your screenshots, load up the Game DVR app from the Games & Apps section of your Xbox 1. Click "Manage" and you will be taken to a list of all of your recent captures. Save the screenshots you just took, then view Saved Captures. Hit "Start" and you will see the option to Share the screenshot. When asked "Where do you want to share this?" choose OneDrive. You will then be able to access your screenshots Here.

Step 3: Obtaining and Posting the Screenshots

OneDrive is a Microsoft service, so you can log on if you have an xbox account or anything else Microsoft related. Navigate to pictures, then Xbox, and you will find your screenshots here within a few minutes of sharing them. From here you should download the screenshots. Once you have them, upload the screenshots to your image hosting site of choice (Imgur, Photobucket, Tumblr, etc...) and then retrieve the url.

When creating a map submission, click the Image button in the Description toolbar. Paste the url here and your image should be added to the description. If you are having issues adding images, please contact a staff member for assistance.
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