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  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds

By Squally DaBeanz

"This beach-side installation is further evidence of the Forerunners' mastery over their environment."

Hinterlands is a large asymmetrical BTB map set in a cove where a small river meets the ocean. The map consists of three sections of natural terrain separated by a large central Forerunner structure. These three sections dictate the flow of Strongholds, as each section contains a point. Additionally, each of the three "towers" of the central structure has power over the two Strongholds adjacent to it.

Each tower provides unique benefits for controlling it. The blue tower holds a Light Rifle to complement the open sightlines it has on the courtyard and river strongholds. The Monolith provides access to a kinetic Assault Rifle, a Needler, and quick access to the river and garden strongholds. The red tower provides a Sentinel Beam and quick access to the Incineration Cannon, as well as power over the garden and courtyard strongholds.

To top everything off, a neutral Wasp can be found at the bottom of the central structure. Each team will want to either control or destroy the Wasp, as well as utilize their own vehicle set to control the towers around the map.

Hinterlands 1.PNG Hinterlands 2.PNG Hinterlands 3.PNG Hinterlands 4.PNG Hinterlands 5.PNG Hinterlands 6.PNG Hinterlands 7.PNG Hinterlands 8.PNG
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Squally DaBeanz
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I really like the design of the map, the way the objects are placed, and I have no words for the structures. Great job!