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  1. Slayer
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Heads Up consists of a single large vertical atrium with its many levels connected by both a winding pathway that spirals up and around the atrium passing through three distinct corridors. This seemingly linear path is broken by a teleporter system. There are two pairs of two-way teleporters as well as the one-way purple teleporter which takes players up to an exposed ledge where a Rocket Launcher spawns with two shots respawning every 120 seconds. The orange two-way system connects the top corridor with a low bunker where a sniper spawns with 8 shots every 180 seconds. The blue two-way system links the blue corridor to bottom mid where a speed boost spawns every 60 seconds. The pickups combined with the teleporter setup aims to create a highly tactical experience where movement is encouraged as the maps level of predictability allows teams of two to gain pickup control and close in on their opponents, should the enemy team attempt to camp a single location for any particular length of time. This map began with a broken concept that Karbyy and myself have been working to fix. It's probably going to be a love hate map!
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