HCE Blood Gulch

Standard HCE Blood Gulch

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Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
  3. Multi Flag CTF
  4. Neutral Flag CTF
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Gamertag: MasterKriff
Map Name: HCE Blood Gulch

"A faithful remake of Blood Gulch" --
It is set in a vast canyon containing two symmetrical bases (red/blue). Teleporters are on each roof of the bases which teleport to the center of the map. It is a huge open field with hills and ditches, caves and cliffs along the rock walls. There are weapons strategically placed in each base; most importantly, sniper rifles on the top of each base, one SPNKr rocket launcher in the middle of the map. These bases may have been created for researching covenant military air vehicles, although beacons of evidence have not manifested, as of yet.

Author's Notes:
Hello all,

I know that some of us have spent countless hours on the original Blood Gulch series, so I knew that it would be dear to everyone's hearts as it was to mine. I wanted to provide the community with a replica of Halo CE's Blood Gulch, as close to the original as possible. But I wanted to go back to the original Halo CE days with the same look and feel of Blood Gulch. Blood Gulch had a certain feel to it, and I wanted to achieve that as much as possible. This is my first actual map I've made in H5 Forge, so I'm hoping that I've done Blood Gulch justice...

While Halo 5's gameplay is intended for closer combat than Halo CE, I still wanted to be as close to the original as possible. And while it was tempting to make "updates" such as a man cannon or gravity lift, I resisted; keeping it as close to the classic Blood Gulch was important.

HCE Blood Gulch feels pretty comfortable in conjunction with Halo 5's spartan abilities such as ground pound, spartan charge, sprint, and clamber (although they can be turned off in the gametype). While it has the feel of the original Blood Gulch, mixing the two of them feels quite great; the map is fairly large so sprinting feels natural, bases have different heights so ground pound can be necessary.

Special thanks to /u/FouFromage for helping me with a lot of details on the map, and special thanks to all of those who have provided me with feedback.
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