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Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
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Hangout Concept Art.jpg

Hangout is this sort of crazy funhouse comic book like city sort of map. The map is designed for 8v8 Strongholds, and Slayer. The thought process of this map was fairly interesting in that the original idea was a 4v4 map based in a city similar to a combination of the Battle of Noctus concept art and Halo Odst where I found I was drawing up concept after concept when finally when I saw a particular picture on google images.
Hangout Concept Art.jpg

The picture depicts this sort of child's paradise in Japan with a bunch of slides, and an ice skating rink and stuff. Then I thought to myself, how cool would it be to have a bunch of people shoot each other here. The map was then planned to have an infantry vs Phaeton sort of interaction.

At that point I had originally designed the map with 6v6 gameplay in mind but over time it had a tendency to play a lot better for 8v8 game play. So at the time of the preview I had a phaeton and a rocket hog. Sadly testing had proved that the Phaeton was just too tanky to take down unless it was by a very coordinated team. Due to this the phaeton was replaced with a banshee. Then I had another issue where because I spawned 1 team by the rocket hog and one team by the banshee, the team who spawned by the banshee had too much of an advantage off spawn. So instead of this I opted for a more neutral approach to the initial rush. The banshee, rocket hog, rail gun, and now binary rifle were now in neutral positions in an exactly identical travel time to both teams initial spawns. Along with this I had added a ghost to each teams initial spawn area and an overshield to the original Phaeton pad.

A lot of thought went into the strongholds set up for this map. To me I see that there is around 3 ways to design for Strongholds. The current way used for most of 343’s maps is that there is an optimal hold so to say, where there are a two specific territories you want to keep, while there is one territory you don’t want to touch. The second way is what we see in Halo 4’s dominion and Halo 5’s Warzone where there is one territory that is absolutely necessary to take and two other territories that teams can take as well which may constitute to what AbleSirThomas called the alpha/charlie flank. Where lesser advantages than territory B are given to territories A and C.

I however had opted for a third design philosophy for territories for the design of Hangout. This strongholds set up I am using is where territory A, B, and C are all equally viable but each have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance the Cafe territory has the advantage of an easier defense due to it’s domineering sight lines, while it has the hardest ability to attack other strongholds. (no I don't mean attacking as in killing players from Cafe but rather being able to move from Cafe and capture a Stronghold). Along with this there are no weapons at cafe so players have to either take the over shield in the open or drop to the lower levels for weapons and dropping to this level also gives access to the teleporter, which can either be used by other teams to flank Cafe or for Cafe to flank the other two territories.

Yellow corner is probably the hardest stronghold to actually defend due to its low nature and ability to interact with vehicles but once captured, it allows access the bridge, the rocket hog spawn, and the rail gun spawn. The bridge is very useful for players to attack pink 2 and control the center of the map. Pink 2 is more defendable than than yellow corner, while being more vulnerable to sightlines from Cafe. It has more access in controlling hotel, and gives access to the banshee and the binary rifle.

The map plays best for Strongholds but also plays well for Slayer as well.
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