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Halo Tactics 4.8

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Halo Tactics
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Welcome Spartans!!!
To the place where you need wits more than brawn. Here you must work with your team and position yourselves wisely so that you can end the enemy team, before they end you.​
Anything colored is important.
Each player will get 5 seconds before their turn is over, and 3 sec in advance to know it's your move. Knowing this, you want to stay in cover as much as possible, otherwise, you will regret it.
If you are in cover, a good way to avoid fire is to crouch and face the other direction the attack is coming from. I know from experience, it works.
It's also worth knowing that the 1st round is the longest (due to early delay), after the 1st round of moves, things will pick up. You can NOT hurt anyone unless it is your turn. There are also 3 classes (based off of each faction), each comes with a rifle for long-range, an automatic for CQC, and a grenade(s) for AoE.​
The green circles are good places to be in control of.
Use this for a good overview of the map.........​
.......and this for the back area (2nd floor)​
When you spawn, you will end up in a place that looks a lot like this.......​
Don't panic, especially if u see the kill-ball, just drop down once the floor below you vanishes. Before you do however, check what armor ability you get, what ever it is you are stuck with for the rest of the match and what order you go in: Thrusterpack --> Regen Field (protect these guys, trust me) --> Sentry Turret --> Jetpack. Also don't waste your grenades, you won't be getting anymore than the ones you start with.​
Fast Travel Methods
A good look at the teleporters taking you across the map.​
The man-cannons are also good choices for fast travel.​

Get you thinking caps on spartans and band together, you will need it to overcome your opponents. I'll see you guys out there.:fruitydrink:
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    Welcome Spartans!!! To the place where you need wits more than brawn. Here you must work with...

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Though this wasn't an original Idea, I still appreciate the courage to recreate it with Halo 4's physics. Any way this is most likely for a lobby that is dedicated to play it but the gadgets to make this work, are where this Mini Game is unique. It puts a huge twist on the gaming experience that every one should play one time or another in there Halo 4 carrier. The map is sound to the Game-type, and the amount of strategy you have to use to play this is unreal. If you are a dedicated player to Halo play this. It deserves it.