Halo 4 DMR Bloom (Mod)

Halo 4 DMR Bloom (Mod) FINAL

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This is a modded gametype that gives the Halo 4 DMR bloom like in Reach.

I did not make this gametype. This was modded by ManBearPig

I know a lot of people hated bloom in Reach which means a lot of you will dislike this gametype as well. But I know some people who actually enjoyed bloom or didn't hate it as much so I'm posting this for those guys.

I don't have pictures so you'll have to do with a video.

Important: If you want all players in a game to use the mod, you can change the gametype settings in the in-game editor. So you can alter the gametype where the game has preset loadouts with all DMRs for primaries.

I would suggest giving yourself a shot of nostalgia by altering the gametype for SWAT and then playing it on a Reach map remake like Sword Base or Countdown. Trust me, it can bring back some memories.
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