H4: Haven

Standard H4: Haven

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Breakout Arena
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Multi Flag CTF
  3. Neutral Flag CTF
Using almost all of the object limit this remake is built on the Glacier canvas and is Currently at testing stage. The map maintains all of the jumping routes (that I know of) Present in the original with some minor changes to make them more function in Halo 5. Additionally the Pillars in top/bottom mid oscillate vertically on randomly generated amplitudes and periods.

The map current has all of the original weapon spawn location however initial due to the use of ordnance and loadouts in H4 the on map option had to be reversed. At current stage all random drop locations have been replaced with loadout (tier 1) weapons, Grenades have been replicated with altered spawn times and power weapons have replaced initial ordnance. The power weapons currently placed on the map are: 2 needlers (1 in each room behind the lifts), a railgun on Blue Bridge, a Binary on Red Bridge and the scattershot in bottom mid.

The current version of the map also includes an overshield in top mid, a damage boost in Ditch, a speedboost in red street/dropdown and an active camo in blue street/dropdown.

I may try and make stronghold function on the map but I am doubtful it will work well

<< Will be adding further Imagery (In Game) Once Map Is Playtested >>
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Latest reviews

I love it.
I think it's not as clean as it should be, and some jumps aren't there.
I'd love to help you with this, I want it to be as perfect as possible. <3
Would be happy to know what jump are missing/ hear/see your suggestions.. Just send me a message on xbox whenever... p.s. Im from UK so your comment was 1:21 for me... so you can figure out the time difference