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B Golf Infinite Ammo

Golf Coast:

This Battle Golf course provides a unique gameplay experience by having a different obstacle each round that each team must maneuver their ball through.


This map started as a small side project of mine but quickly became my main focus once I really sunk my teeth into it. When I started this map I knew instantly that I wanted unique obstacles for each round. This decision led me to choosing the mini golf inspired setting since it lent itself to creating different obstacles. I then researched different mini golf courses for inspiration on what kind of obstacles would work well in the Battle Golf gametype. Once I had an idea of what obstacles would work the best I began prototyping these obstacles in forge. Some never made it past this stage and while others eventually became scenery for the course itself rather than an obstacle. I've prefabbed anything that I thought others might find useful. Scripting has never been my strong suit so I chose to follow the SandTrap Resort Battle Golf design document (which is 46 pages long by the way) so that I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel as far as scripting goes. I also used chickenbuddy's battle golf prefab to get the Battle Golf essentials. This map easily maxed out the amount of scripts Halo 5 can run so I had to make a number of changes to the obstacles so that they used less pieces in order to get them to spawn in during the appropriate round. This map doesn't have any additional weapons to allow the use of the B Golf Infinite Ammo gametype. After everything was said and done I can say that I'm very pleased with how this map has turned out. This map was certainly a challenge making not only because of the technical hurdles but also just because of the fact that Battle Golf is still such a new game mode that I have little experience with.

Map Specs:

- Teleporters leading to man cannons for quick navigation back to the ball spawn
- Changing Screen effects for each round.
- Grunt B-Day FX when ball is scored.
Round 1: "Ordinary Course".
Round 2: Twin snakes obstacle, additional man cannons.
Round 3: Spinning windmill obstacle, overshield powerup, trap man cannons that push players\ball backwards, landmines.
Round 4: Rotating cylinders obstacle, speed boost powerup.
Round 5: Dinosaur head obstacle, camo powerup, gravity sliders, gravity bouncer.

-chickenbuddy for providing the Battle Golf Prefab, the scripting, answering my questions, and of course creating Battle Golf.
-All those who helped test the map and left valuable feedback.

I'm open to feedback so please let me know what you think of the map.
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