Ghost Grapple

Ghost Grapple 2014-03-05

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Forge Island
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Forge Island
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Ghost Grapple
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:doge::doge: Much ghosts, such hijacking, very fun, wow. :doge::doge:

Hello, HC!

ChewyNutCluster here with my 4th posted minigame! You probably remember my former minigame, "Musical Shields" or maybe you're thinking to yourself "Why the Hell is this guy so cocky to think I've heard of him?" Either way, I'm sort of a one-trick pony. What I mean by that is that this new minigame also plays off of the musical chairs concept. I assure you, however, that the gameplay is quite different from "Musical Shields". Introducing, "Ghost Grapple"!


Map: Ghost Grapple: -Floating in the sky on Forge Island
-Grid used for one large floor piece
-3 'arenas', one with 6 ghosts, one with 3 ghosts, and one with 1 ghost
-Multiple obstacles/ramps for ghosts
-Out of play areas on sidelines
-One plasma pistol in first 'arena'

Gametype: Ghost Grapple (6-12 players): You're playing musical chairs, but the chairs are purple and hover above the ground. Everyone will spawn in a large area 6 ghosts in the middle in a large KotH hill. The hill timer is set to 45 seconds. While that timer counts down, try to grab ghost and hold onto it. When the hill timer reaches zero (hill moves) any player not in a ghost will die and all players in a ghost will teleport to the next arena. The second arena is slightly smaller and has only 3 ghosts. Next, the players who have held onto their second round ghosts will teleport to the final round, a small arena with only 1 ghost! The player piloting that final ghost when the hill moves wins! All players who have died during the game will be able to watch from the sidelines and use their railguns and plasma grenades to cause some mayhem. :)

This is the first time that I don't need a picture since someone actually made a video of this! Thanks so much to @iSpiteful for the feature! :y:

So who's ready!? Grab yourself a ghost and try not to get jacked off!...................................................................................................

Cheers! :beer:


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Latest reviews

So you take musical chairs and replace the chairs with Ghosts and what do you get? A pretty awesome mini game that surprised me. A simple concept yet an extremely fun one. I love how intense it gets as the timer is going down and you are desperately trying to keep that Ghost. Your luck can change at any point in the game which keeps you on your toes as people on foot always have a chance to make a comeback at the last second. I enjoy the way it transforms from the chaotic start to that final round as players are filtered out through the different stages. With each stage the intensity grows. If you do die you can still enjoy the game instead of simply spectating which is always good. All in all it is one of those things that just works.
Thanks, Slaps!
The very first time playing this game I loved it. I'm on the edge of my (ghost) seat the whole game. It is fast paced, unique, and requires strategy. I love the last round as a watcher or as a ghost grabber. This game is intensely fun. Over and over again this doesn't bore me. Grabbing a ghost and boosting away, praying to just hold on is thrilling and the 3 areas Chewy has made are perfect to feel "some sort of control" from the same chaos Chewy created his self. Great job, and can't wait for future creations.
Glad you enjoyed it! This greatness of this review proves you have the longest balls of all!
A fun, wonderful experience that is filled with laughs of despair, anguish and hilarity, Ghost Grapple is like taking the parts from campaign where you kick a grunt in the face out of a Ghost, making a gametype based on it, and rewarding me for doing it. And those times when the ghost was sent out the map, resulting in everyone's death? priceless :)
Haha what a review! Thanks, Rain.
This is a minigame that is simple yet so fun with teleporters and people trying to jack you off and I was the first person to get jacked off of my ghost btw One of the funnest minigames I've played
Oh, steel you made that sound so dirty XD

Thanks man!
I'm not even kidding... This is the best mini game I have played EVER!!! I love the reactions of players in this particular. The map is corny, exciting, strategic and most of all enjoyable. Would recommend to anyone, even if you arn't into MINI GAMES.
Brilliant work Chewy :)
This one's staying on my hard drive.
Wow! Now that's a review! Thanks so much, Orzium :)
I love this minigame. It's my favorite from you, Chewy. Something about being hijacked and hijacking a Ghost that makes this so fun and exhilirating.

I've had a lot of great games in this mini game and I hope to play it more in the future. 5 stars!
Getting jacked off is always satisfying!

Thanks for the review :D
is a very nice and fun game if you now how to play it hihihihi
Thanks, Jason!
A great and Fun map made by an great map creator. I've seen you grow over thee past months and having the decency to learn from others. This makes you grow as a Forger and teaches you different feels of forging. So to get to thee map. This map is very creative in thee aspect of multiple chambers and you getting less and less ghosts. (you guys all ready know that) Well what you probable don't know is some key elements behind thee seens for this map to work. This Mini game is both unique and creative. So many times have I gotten ejected right before thee last chamber, to be killed and put on thee side to watch as others win the game. This game has so many different tactics involved in winning that it makes a huge twist on any Musical Chair game and mixes with crash up derby you can say. (On foot because your trying to stay in something, the ghosts in this case) Keep up thee great work man and I can't wait for your next map :) Highly Recommended to download.
Thanks, Charles. I appreciate all the tips you gave me when I first started forging a few months ago.

I really appreciate the review as well :D
Doge jokes? Oh god...

Anyways, I love this mini game!

Simple, yet extremely funny and entertaining, Ghost Grapple is a blast trying to compete for ghosts until the very last second of each "round". The arenas in each are make for interesting maneuvering strategies and increase replay-ability.

Fantastic job.
Thanks so much, Ticky. It really means a lot :)