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General Hux's Cinema

General Hux's Cinema is an aesthetic based map for a scene in Star Wars 7. This is for montage use mainly or just for looks. Somebody sought me out and I agreed to do make this map for the Halo 5 Aiges Clan. Keep in mind I am not in a clan or ever want to be in another clan, but I am highly interested in building more so aesthetic type maps these days rather than racetracks. I spent a week in a half on this and didn't have very much to go on. It took me almost 3 days to get the scripting to work properly. Thankfully TurbTastic was nice enough to help me. He even scripted moving vehicles several times, but with tanks it didn't work the way it was suppose to so I couldn't do it; because of this there are still 6 tanks that can never be deleted or spawned.

My main goal was to build the stage and structure of the Star Wars 7 "Hitler" speech scene, so there are no ships or transports. Whenever I forge a large structure it has to be flat so I spent an hour or so debating on how to make it flat. Terrain was too high in physics for me to do terrain, so I did the floor with 256^2 Walls. Then I started the theater by going off a video in YouTube: I thought it would be cool to script the curtains so I did just that. And I remember it was requested to have a greens screen somewhere so I also scripted a green screen behind the curtains. I also scripted them to change to 4 colors which include green, blue, white, and black. The switches are all up top with a letter to show what does what.

There are a total of 7 switches which are all up stairs. The 3 on the left control the curtains. From left to right they are labeled "R" for rotation which will rotate the curtains open, "M" for motion which will fully open the curtains, and "HR" for Hard Reset in case the curtains glitch or mess up. The 3 on the right control the green screen. From left to right they are labeled "C" which will be blank when the green screen is down, "C" which will be green because the screen by default is green, then if if you hit the switch it will turn blue as the green screen will turn into a blue screen and "C" which changes from black to white for the 3rd switch. Finally the last switch which is on the back wall of the theater drops 6 mantises. I just added that in because I thought it would be cool to have armed guards in the video that the Aiges clan is going to make.

Below are some screenshots of my beautiful masterpiece!












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