Galathea Station

Galathea Station

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Puzzle Mode (Slayer)
Back story:
Galathea Station was ordered to return home. You were put into cryosleep for the long journey back. After waking up early, you discover the crew has gone missing, but something is still watching you. You realize the only way to get home now is to take the Pelican. Escape Galathea before it's too late.

Galatea Station is an Escape map that requires you to think logically throughout the puzzles. If at any part you experience an issue with the map, be sure to message me on xbox. This took a long to time make so I hope you enjoy the gameplay as well as the aesthetics. Good Luck Escaping the Station!

***Be sure to select the Slayer game type before picking this one!***

To play this map add me on Xbox

Map Name: Galathea Station
Gamertag: Comedy Aerosol
Game Type: Puzzle Mode (Slayer)
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had a great time playing this map wasn't super hard wasn't super easy could have been longer for sure, only reason i'm not giving it a 5 star