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Breakout Arena

This is an Infection map based on a snowy city. It has great asthetics and has unique features. This map was made by the ARC Gamers Forge Team (Our second map together). If any of you are interested in joining, send me a message on xbox -ARC GuiltySpark

-The main sections of the map are Main Street, Street Corner, Back Ally, Arcade, Tunnel, Storage Yard, Parking Lot, Hotel, and Robotics.
-The humans spawn in the Main Street and infected spawn in the Back Ally.
-The 2 buildings Hotel and Robotics can be entered through teleporters through the Main Street and Parking Lot

SMG - Parking Lot
Magnum - Street Corner
Assault Rifle - Hotel
H2 Battle Rifle - Robotics
Shotgun - Tunnel
Hydra - Storage Yard
Saw - Street Corner
Sniper Rifle - Back Ally
Railgun - Back Ally

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