Fishy Nights at Fronk's - Timmy's Tacos

Fishy Nights at Fronk's - Timmy's Tacos

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Gametype link: Fishy Nights at Fronk's
Map link: Timmy's Tacos

"Welcome to Timmy's Tacos! I know you have questions, but there's some things you're gonna want to know before your first night."

Here's what's up:
-This establishment is 100% haunted, if you die you'll become one of it's murderous ghosts.
-Each guard will be given a "flashlight" (sentinel beam) and a lawgiver with two shells.
-The office essentially has 4 doors, which will reopen after 20-45 seconds due to their fault wiring.
-While you don't have to worry about the building running out of power, your office can. If that happens you can reset the generator in the basement.

So if you want to survive you'll just have to avoid any and all ghost. You can barricade yourself in the office, hide somewhere else in the building, or maybe try to kill all the ghosts? It's your choice...

Anyways... that's all you need to know before working at Timmy's

"So... Welcome to the Family! uhh... try not to die!"

Tim's Map Layout.png

Also, in your office, we have one of those new fancy sensor maps. Basically it will let you know if and where things are in the building.
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