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Fallen City 1.0

Hello, and welcome to:
Fallen City
made by: FlamingT0rch

Fallen City is a map located in an abandoned city ruined by terrorists.
fallen city 6.jpeg

When you play this map you will see buildings destroyed in the background and will encounter weak wooden walls you'll have to break to get into different parts of the map.
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Before you play this entertaining map, you have the choice to play it in several compatible game types such as: Manhunt (Oddball), Capture the Flag, Zone Control (King of the Kill), Team Slayer, or Free for All.
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When you begin you will be able to choose from different classes such as: Assault (Soldier), Scout (Sniper), Grenadier (Heavy), or Guard (Hologram). There are several areas to fight, such as the street for close and long range combat. Or you can run inside one of the buildings and pick enemy members off one by one with your sniper. Or sneak your way into enemy territory and place down "land mines" to blow up anyone who walks into your trap.
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fallen city 2.jpeg