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Maximum Players
DLC Required
No DLC Required
Supported Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Extraction
  3. King of the Hill
"If you can’t be criticized for it, it’s probably not remarkable. Are you devoting yourself to something devoid of criticism?"


Hello people of the forum. What do you think is the prettiest Forge canvas in Halo 4? Forge Island? Wrong.

It's Ravine. Seeing as I love Ravine so much, I decided to make another map in it. In fact, this is only my second competitive map on Ravine.

I call this map Exin.

Exin is latin for Next. Next = Next competitive map on Ravine. Yeah, I'm creative.

This map is asymmetric, pretty, and is built for 2v2. 1v1 can be played in the map as well but if you want action-packed gameplay, I suggest playing Exin on a 2v2.

Basically, I wanted to make a map that uses the waterfalls of Ravine. I've never seen a forge map put Ravine's waterfall area to good use so I decided to make a map that does.

That's the core idea that started this map. The waterfall. The pretty, pretty waterfall.

Exin is compatible with multiple gametypes. These being Slayer, Extraction, and KotH.

Something nice about this map is that its 3 power positions all serve different purposes in KotH and Extraction. Each power position overlooks a certain hill or extraction site which makes controlling that position essential to the victory.

For KotH and Extraction, a good strategy is having one teammate hold the hill/extract the target while his teammate goes to the power position overlooking that hill/site to prevent the enemy team from killing his teammate.

Controlling the power positions in this map in objective games is a MUST if a team wants to win.


MAP DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/.../details/02219c0d-5bb7-4e0d-969e-81e2891a73d2


Power weapons

- Sniper Rifle (90s respawn. 0 spare clips. Doesn't spawn at the start of the match.)
- Concussion Rifle (120s respawn. 0 spare clips.)




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Latest updates

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    This video of the map gives a more in-depth look at how the hills and Extraction sites work in...
  2. Final final update! :P

    This is the last update. Really. :P - Fixed a small issue where the grenades at Red don't...
  3. Final update

    Final update - Thickened the bridge from Blue by a little bit. - Raised the invisible ceiling...

Latest reviews

This is one of the best Ravine maps that I have ever played, I love it!
HaloCustoms Review Crew
Official Review: Exin
Category: Competitive
Overall score: 5/5 (5 Stars)

Score: 5/5
The “secret” behind Exin is its duality of complexity and simplicity. The map is very organic, yet simple to understand. What one is able to learn on their first play and thereafter never stops. With each minute passing, more avenues of strategy expand. I believe this is why it’s impossible to label Exin as anything else. It stands as wholly original, and another accolade for Zandril’s forging career. I’d go as far to say that it sits among the best Halo 4 small maps there are.

Score: 5/5
Zan makes a lot of maps on Forge Island. He has his own little aesthetic touches I've come to know from my experiences with him. However, Ravine is a different beast when it comes to aesthetics. I believe before Exin he had only made Xenos on Ravine, which was quite good in this department. Exin blows it out of the water(fall). He has incorporated that natural feature well, but it’s also his placed pieces that attribute to the look Exin gives. His use of pillars, dark/white balance, color, terrestrial features, angles… all of it combines together seamlessly. It not only adds that immersion factor, but also assists in the gameplay aspect through use of area identification.

Score: 5/5
Usually this section is used as a “problem reporting” section. However it seems like we’re settling for “good” – Exin should be put on a different and higher pedestal. I believe it makes best of spawning, weapon placement, and control of the constraints of the map. It’s impressive that these mechanics worked well with the unconventional design. To understand one must play it.
I think I may actually be addicted to playing on this map.
It was fun especially when I started messing with you :P
love this map, i enjoy everygame ive played (except koth :P )
without sprint this map is ideal
This is an excellent map. It flows well, and it makes an excellent use of the waterfall, as well as many of the pieces- most notably the bridges, ramps, and 4x1 thingamajigs. The weapons are well balanced and well placed.

However, there are a few issues that I have with it. Personally, I don't like the way this map uses the smaller angles. You used 45 degree angles in Xenos to make it feel kinda like a diamond or a 4-point star, and that was brilliant. However, their presence in this map, how the paths and bridges seem to zigzag through the interior, makes it feel slightly more disorganized and random in my opinion.

Also, I'd like to have a few longer sight lines- perhaps someplace I can go to get a good view of the map when I can't find the enemy. On Xenos, either of the two bases serve this purpose, as well as the bridge and the elevated area at both ends of it. On Exin, you can try the red base or the bridge, but both viewpoints are still quite limited due to various obstructions- I need to crouch and creep out as far as I can to the edge of red base to get the best view, but even so the view is still restricted. Without a good vantage point or two, the best way to find an enemy is to sprint around through the corridors, and because of this the engagements tend to be more close quarters.

Also, your invisible ceiling interferes with grenade throws. This may have only been a problem on the older versions- I'll have to double check to see if you fixed it since.

But despite all of this, it's a great map with a generally strong design, and I would indeed recommend it.

Note that much of this review is based on my own opinions of the map. Also, my knowledge on competitive design is quite limited, but this review was done to the best of my ability. I will be willing to change it if you can prove my points invalid or fix the imperfections that I've mentioned.
To me this rates among Lockout, Guardian and Angst in terms of personal enjoyment (for 1v1's). It's clean, has the perfect amount of routes that make mind games hilariously great, and every area has a counter which constantly encourages movement. Nothing I can fault. I haven't played 2 v 2 and its gametypes yet so I'm looking forward to that sometime.
You know a map is great when you never played it before and know nothing about it and yet you feel right at home. The flow is so natural and when there's no radar you can really play some mind games with ppl. This will always be a favorite of mine and a first choice for 1v1s. This is the map that defined flow to me. I knew what it was before from classic maps but never really knew what it was about them that gave them such flow. I certainly believe this is a 5 star map tho i'm sure you'll continue to improve it." Entirely agreed here with Tounge. It plays superbly with my play style and i love this map for the predictability if where players would be. (Thats mainly because your play style is somewhat opposite to mine, therefore I can easily predict your movements, Shock, not so much...) Great map overall and i think this is better than Praelium....
4 Stars! Great Map, Good Aesthetics, Nice Use of the Natural Terrain. I Like It.
this map plays great the Aesthetics are awesome Id like to see how it would play for CTF though. keep up the good work Zandril