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343 Industries
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  2. Strongholds
When I learned we’d be building BTB maps, I wasn’t sure which map I wanted to take on. There are so many to choose from, and I ultimately decided to go with Burial Mounds. This has always been one of my favorite BTB maps because it was really different from the others. The asymmetrical aspect of the map provides some very interesting gameplay and the vehicle routes really test the driver’s capabilities. I have always been a vehicle focused player, so this was at the top of my mind when making a Burial Mounds-inspired map in Halo 5.

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When I started making the map, 343 provided me with an additional Xbox One so I could have the original Burial Mounds on a second monitor while I was Forging. I used this initially just to get the rough size and general layout that I wanted. Then from there, I didn't really look at the original Burial Mounds again. I knew from past experiences that if I built the bases exactly the same as the original, my map would have the same issues the original had. For this reason, I decided to give each team a similar base - instead of one base being clearly better than the other. I also decided to keep the asymmetrical aspect of the map to provide a different style of gameplay, although that was extremely hard to do since I'm fairly OCD.

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Burial Mounds was originally on a desert/barren canvas. Since we don't have something like that in Halo 5 (yet... hint hint, 343), I decided to build it up in space. I know it is a bit strange, but I figured it would really fit the style of map I wanted to make. The first thing I noticed while Forging the natural parts of the map is the variety. It is incredible what the Forge team has provided, and I have never been able to make a map look as natural as what we did with Entombed. Every terrain piece flowed together and looked amazing with the space textures. To offset the natural look of the map, I decided to go with a futuristic theme for the structures, and I also wanted to have multiple ways to enter into each base so a team couldn't easily defend an objective or have a place to camp in Slayer. Outside of the bases, I created some open areas for vehicles to drive around and engage in combat. Then in order to protect Spartans from the vehicle combat, I provided a cave section running through the center, with rocks around the outside and even a small crashed spaceship to move behind. Lastly, I decided to include the Wraith because I find that it normally doesn't get utilized very well on maps, and I believe it is perfect for Entombed.

Working with the 343 team helped me reach the full potential of Entombed, and I hope everyone in the community enjoys the map as much as I enjoyed building it.

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