Standard Elemental 6.0

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Breakout Arena
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Multi Flag CTF
"Ice and Fire collide, fusing into one indescribable entity."
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Elemental is an experimental competitive map in both gameplay and theme. The map's theme is Ice and Fire, where half of the map is frozen and the other half is fiery. The fridge, or Ice Tower as I like to call it, is set beneath sheer ice cliffs that stand above a snowy path from red to blue base, and the oven is set above a lake of lava fed by two lava falls. Using a little scripting, fire cascades down the falls, giving the illusion of movement.

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The blue base feels cold, as I placed soft blue light above the base, and it has an ice cave connecting it to the snow path, whereas red base is warm, with a red glow, with a stone cave heading towards the snow path.
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Elemental's gameplay is quite ranged, as there are long sightlines across the map. However, much of the action takes place in the mid/short ranged areas of the map, especially the red and blue bases. The Plasma caster spawns on the central platform, which is extremely exposed to most of the map, and the scattershot spawns at the oven, near the lava falls, and is extremely useful in the close-quarters of the red and blue basements. There are many ranged weapons scattered about, where the DMR and Light rifles (if you can find the light rifles) are extremely useful. Boltshots spawn in the basement with plentiful ammunition, and they come in handy for engagements in bases or at the snow path.

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The main power position is the bridge, which extends from the Ice Tower. This bridge has sightlines on both bases and offers easy access to them as well. It can only be accessed from the fridge as well, apart from a little scripted movement that allows players to access it from the central platform. However, for it to be effective, players must stand at the front of the bridge, where they have no cover from behind. To control the bridge, players have to control the Ice Tower.


The experimental part of the map, that, as of yet, has not been tested, is the powerup generator at the fridge. By pressing the switch, the player will activate a 30-second timer, which will spawn all 4 powerups: speed boost, damage boost, overshield, and active camouflage - which can turn the tide in a battle.

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However, this involves great risk. By pressing the switch, a beam of light will appear in the center of the map, alerting everyone. Your team will have to co-ordinate and defend the tower for that 30 seconds. If not, you would just have given your enemies their victory.

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When the powerups spawn, a light beam will turn on to indicate that they have spawned.


Top view (from this far some of the lighting breaks, but the lighting is fine in-game.)

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More Aesthetic pictures:



Test footage of previous version:

I am still looking for people to help me test this map, so pm me if you are interested. Thanks and have a great day!
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