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Unlimted Time.

Time travel is old news to the brilliant scientist Dr. Tim, he's moved on to his next project, this thing:

Unfortunately, a future version of himself has dismantled the device and hidden it's 3 parts.

And to make matters worse, Future Dr. Tim also hid the keys to the cabinet where important things are kept.

So now, Dr. Tim (not the future one, that guy is a jerk!) must travel through time and solve puzzles in order to complete his latest project.

There are 3 time periods to explore:

2558 (Present)

2557 (1year ago, during the construction of the facility
where Dr. Tim works)

1556 (1000+ years in the past)
(I know the pics show 0556, that was a previous version,
please disregard all zeros, thanks)


Name: Dr. Tim's Time Machine

Gamertag: A Squid Loaf

Players: 1-4 (It's possible to play with more but not
recommended as it becomes hard to keep track
of what's been done)

Gametype: Slayer with unlimited time. (It's a good idea to have
everyone on the same team if playing with multiple

Important Notes:

1) This map has been thoroughly tested and is 100% functional. If you get stuck it's because I'm a jerk and made the map too hard, not because the map is broken.

2) Crouch to interact with objects on the floor. The Halo 5 switches used in scripting have a small area of interaction that cannot be expanded (believe me, I've tried). This means you have to get close to the object you want to interact with. I've added red X's to most objects/spots that can be interacted with to help.

3) Remember, if you have more than one team, and the other team leaves, the game will end. Now, this isn't that big of a deal for this map (but still annoying) because almost all the time is spent on figuring out what to do, not doing it. Once you know exactly how to do everything, you can complete the map in under 4 minutes. This means it will not take long to get back to where you were previously.

4) Keep in mind that you can complete this puzzle map solo, so jumping on other players heads and other kinds of cooperation are unnecessary. (But still fun to try).

5) If you need help, or a hint, look at the update to find the guide. The guide has spoiler tags so you can just look at the section you need help with.
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