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After returning to his own universe at the end of Part 2, Dr. Tim is tired from a hard day's work, and ready to go home.

However, upon leaving the facility:

Dr. Tim soon discovers that spiders from the other universe have invaded his own:

Now it's up to Dr. Tim to save the world by stopping these menacing creatures. But more importantly, Dr. Tim doesn't want to get written up by his boss so he hopes to tidy all this up before anyone else notices what's going on.

See if you can find and kill all 15 spiders, scattered around 3 areas, in this grand adventure.

There are 3 main ways of killing spiders: using explosives, using items as weapons, and using the environment.

Keep an eye out for these red doors with numbers on them:

There's a built in system that keeps track of how many spiders you've killed, and these doors open once you have killed the number of spiders posted on them.

There are 6 spiders in area 1:

5 spiders in area 2:

And 4 spiders in area 3:


Name: Dr Tim's Spider Invasion

Gamertag: A Squid Loaf

Players: 1-5 (It's possible to play with more but not recommended as it becomes hard to keep track of what's been done)

Gametype: Slayer with unlimited time, and fast respawns. (You can use my gametype Puzzle Mode if you don't feel like making your own)

Important Notes:

1) There are fewer red X's this time around (but still some) because I've made it so most things you can interact with are more noticeable, so move around and crouch if you think you can interact with something. For example, when using a weapon on a spider, walk up to it's head and crouch to interact with it.

2) You don't have to kill all the spiders in one area to move on to the next. For example, there's 6 spiders in area 1, but you only need to kill 3 spiders to move on to area 2. You can always come back later to get the ones you missed.

3) So, the boss is really hard. Really really hard. Most people probably won't be able to defeat it (challenge accepted?) but the good news for people who can't do it or get tired of trying, is that you can kill all 15 spiders and get into the last door without beating the boss.

4) Instead of having a lot of secrets that are kind of separate from the main parts of the map like in New Universe, for Spider Invasion I decided to incorporate them into the spider killing mechanics. What I mean, is that 2 of the spiders are very hard to find, and I consider them to be like the "secrets" in part 2: something extra for the people who really enjoy these maps and like the challenge. So the last door (all 15 spiders) is basically the bonus area in this one.

That being said, there are 2 little easter-egg-type secrets.

5) If you would like a hint or full explanation, check the guide on forgehub map post. There are spoiler tags so you can look at only the part you need help with.

Note: The 2 "secret" spiders will only have hints, not a full explanation/"cheat" spoiler tag.

Thanks everybody for the support of my other Dr. Tim maps, and thanks to all the testers who helped make this one better.

Happy hunting!
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