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After building the mysterious device from Part 1, Dr. Tim (and friends) are transported to a new universe created by the machine.

Unfortunately, shortly after arriving the device broke:

Now Dr. Tim (and friends) must figure out how to escape this bizarre place and return to his (their) own universe.

There are 3 major areas to explore (7 areas in total):

Area 1: The Weirdlands

How weird are the Weirdlands you might ask? This weird:

You must find 3 miniature cabinets and attach them to a giant red switch (from Part 1).

Area 2: The Cold Commune

Here you must help these strange people:

In order to cross the bridges:

Area 4: Tech Mountain

On Tech Mountain, the goal is to assemble a new teleporter that will hopefully get you back home:


Name: Dr. Tim's New Universe

Gamertag: A Squid Loaf

Players: 1-4 (It's possible to play with more but not
recommended as it becomes hard to keep track
of what's been done)

Gametype: Slayer with unlimited time, and fast respawns. (You can use my gametype Puzzle Mode if you don't feel like making your own.)

Important Notes:

1) Once again, this map has been thoroughly tested and is 100% functional. If you get stuck it's because I'm a jerk and made the map too hard, not because the map is broken.

2) Like in Part 1, you can complete this puzzle map solo, so jumping on other players heads and other kinds of cooperation are unnecessary. (But remains fun to try).

3) Crouch to interact with objects on the floor.

4) Most of the red X's this time around disappear after interacting with them, however there are a couple that remain after interacting as a fail-safe.

Let me explain: The way scripting works in forge, an object cannot spawn if a player is standing on/very close to where the object is trying to spawn. This means if you interact with an X that sends a message to an object which tells it to spawn, and one of your friends is standing on that spot, the object wont spawn.

So if you activate an X and nothing happens, since I've made it so these X's don't despawn, all you have to do is tell your friends to move and activate the X again.

5) In case it's not clear from this giant sign that says "bonus:"


there is more to do after you finish the story section of this map. Basically what I'm saying is that there are secrets, so if you spend the time figuring them out, you will (hopefully) be rewarded.

6) If you need a hint, look at the update to find the guide. It has spoiler tags so you can just look at the section you need help with.
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