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Double Agent (Clue) 1

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*I did not make this*

New modded gametype that is pretty much exactly like Clue but with less honor rules. Here is the post from the author:

Double Agent is a social gametype. Everyone starts out on the same "team", and the gametype selects a Double Agents (the number of DA's is determined in the options). They must eliminate all Agents without being detected. Double Agents see a notification in their HUD, and fellow Double Agents will have a red waypoint. Agents may only kill Double Agents, as traitors get temporarily punished.

HOW TO PLAY (an in-game description)
Double Agent Count: 1-4 Double Agents (I recommend one Double Agent for every four players total. So 4 double agents in a 16 player game, 2 in an 6-9 player game, etc)
Last Agent Standing: Enabled/Disabled (this gives traits to the last agent)
Traitor Punishment: Enabled/Disabled (this gives traits to any normal agent who kills another normal agent)
Victory Bonus: 1-10 seconds (player ranking is determined by number of seconds alive)


Here's a screenshot of what a regular Agent will see in their HUD. Double Agents have a similar type of message, but also have the kill count/Agents remaining in their stats. Fellow Double Agents will have a red waypoint (sorry, the Regicide waypoint was the only one I could get to comply with the other waypoints I was using). The rest of the HUD is off because I grabbed the screen right before "Game Over".

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