Dont Go 2 School Tomorrow

Dont Go 2 School Tomorrow 2017-02-11

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Stop Bullying Me
MAP: Dont Go 2 School Tomorrow
GAME MODE: Stop Bullying Me
GT: Generai PUG
GT: ExtraSpicyMemes

Welcome students this is not a drill run for your life! Americas two most famous edgelords have come for revenge.

How it Works

Shooters- There is two shooters, they cannot be killed and they have a nice variety of CUSTOM weapons to choose from before they enter the school (Be aware the weapons you choose are the weapons you'll be stuck with once you enter the school so choose wisley :) )

Students- Students run very fast and have no regeneration of shields nor health. You can withstand a good amount of bullets before you die. You must outrun and out hide the shooters.

Special Kids- Once you die as a student you will be banished and locked inside the special education room. There is plenty of toys and mindless distracting things to play with as you wait the shooters to finish or the students to survive the round.

PS: Please dont take any offense to this map or gametype. Its not intended to be a mean stab at anyone or anything so enjoy and have fun have a laugh and enjoy a horror classic ;) ( We actually worked very hard on this map, and we hope this map can find a home on this site. Thank you for your acceptance and understanding)

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    Recently 343 had taken down the original map. But thankfully i have a backup copy that is now up...