Devotion 1.0

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Gametype:LS 1v1

Devotion is a 1v1 map that is themed around the Vex architecture from the game Destiny. It is a remake of a Halo Reach map that I had made, but with tweaks to fit the new style of gameplay that Halo 5 has to offer. Please note that the LS 1v1 gametype is not needed to play the map. It is used to make game play faster and for personal preferences. All jumps and movement should work properly with default settings.

The movement of the map revolves around picking up stackable damage boost, and taking control of the Sniper, Grenade Launcher, and sometimes the Brute Plasma Rifle. A lot of the path ways, and three teleporters, will lead you to the highest walkways that make an "s" around the map. The top ring has the most combat while the lowest points are for damage boost pickups and evading your opponent. Once your analyze the map layout and your opponents play style, you can really predict where they are going next.

To take normal gameplay a little different(old school way), all the weapons and damage boost are not on weapon pads. They are set to always spawn on their timer, so keep an eye on the game time to know what spawns next. The reason for this is so your don't automatically show your location to your opponent when you pick up something through a weapon pad. I am aiming for the game style of predicting locations, and have the gamer keep a sharp wit.

There are three senders/receivers in the map. Two of the three senders have a sniper or damage boost hanging from them to give a visual clue on it's receivers location. They also tie into predicting your opponents movement.

I am thankful for all the people that gave me tips, and for those who played games to test it out. I am flattered people really like it. Thank you. :)

Add me on xbl and we can get some games in too!
iTzz Longshot
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