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Destiny: The Original
by Just One Player
"Some of you may remember it as Destiny 1.0. This is the game that started the free roam genre in Halo 4."
It's also the game type and map that started my Destiny Trilogy, inspired by Bungie's new game for the Xbox One coming out sometime next year!
Welcome to Destiny!
For those of you who have never played my Destiny maps before, this is actually a remake, and a much more polished version of my first ever Destiny: Destiny 1.0. Destiny by JOP is the game in which players explore the landscape, find secrets, and fight off their foes to level up and become the best of the best. The map includes tons of secrets and loot to be collected, but lets get down to the basics.
The Town
classic destiny (11).jpg
All players spawn in the town. Players can not be killed in the town, so it's like a safe area where you can recuperate yourself. Use the teleporter and you will be taken to the wilderness, where you are vulnerable, so be careful! When you die, you respawn in the town, and you can always come back to the town through the teleporters in the wild if you get scared ;( The town holds some secrets of it's own, but you won't find anything too special in the town...
classic destiny (10).jpg
The Wilderness
classic destiny (9).jpg
classic destiny (7).jpg
The wild is a large and open landscape that has many secrets to behold. Here, you can kill and be killed. Get kills, and you 'level up'. Your score is your level. When you reach certain levels, you'll be awarded with an ordnance! The highest level in the game is granted special traits, such as:
  1. Dexterity
  2. Respawns with DMR (as opposed to magnum)
  3. Takes no fall damage
  4. Shield recharge wait is slightly faster
classic destiny (8).jpg
The wilderness holds many treasures, and some of them can only be obtained by doing the parkour jumps in front of you!
classic destiny (3).jpg
classic destiny (1).jpg
One of the biggest secrets of Destiny is the four hidden forerunner weapons. If you can find all of these, you are a hide and seek master! The suppressor being the easiest to find, and the binary rifle being the hardest, there is also a light rifle and scattershot scattered somewhere on this huge map! ;)
classic destiny.jpg
Other Information
If you are an MMO or RPG fan, this is the game for you. If you like to explore and be rewarded for your hard work, this is the game for you. And if you are as hyped as I am for Bungie's new game, and can't wait to make a fire squad with your friends, THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU.
Some of Destiny's secrets can only be discovered by the true fans of free roam, the most skilled jumpers, and the most patient grasshoppers. Can you find them all?
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