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  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
This was a map that was softly suggested as “This would make a cool map.” I saw the linked image and thought, “why not” I figured it would be a good exercise at least. Then I saw a forge tutorial on how to make a desert looking map. It was then my mind truly began to take hold of the idea. So I spent some time forging it out and correcting some obvious issues from the image. I made the map over three days and spent an unhealthy amount of time in long forge sessions. Should be noted I usually don't eat in the middle of forge sessions... so... one meal days.

In the end I think the map turned out great. There are still some spots I feel need some work but at the moment I am not sure how to best correct them. They don't affect game play, its just personal nitpicks. But if I waited to release a map sole based on that then I would never release them.

The Layout:

On spawn you'll notice the asymmetrical and vertical nature of the map. Both teams will spawn on the bottom level. You'll immediately feel the need to get up high and into cover. In slayer modes red team will have easier access to the sniper and Blue team will have easier access to the rail gun. Though both could very easily be pressed by the opposing team. These weapons however will not spawn in objective game types. However the active-camo which spawns on the roof of the center building will spawn in all game modes.

There are a variety of trick jumps that will assist you in climbing rapidly up to the higher points in the map, some obvious, others less obvious. Keep an eye out for lights that are positioned just in clamber range and you'll find some routes you might not have otherwise considered. This will be expecially useful for the Strongholds Game mode.

Weapons on Desert Outpost

Railgun X1 (Not in Objective games)
Sniper X1 (Not in objective games)
Needlers X1
Lightrifles X1
Plasma Rifle X2
Carbine X2
Bolt Shot X2
Supressor X1
Active Camo
Plasma Grenade X4
Splinter Grenade X2

My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-13 20-29-09.png
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-15 12-20-29.png
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-15 12-21-16.png
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-15 12-21-40.png
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-15 12-22-07.png
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-15 12-22-27.png
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-15 12-25-43.png
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