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Derailed 2.9

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Hey guys, Robius5991 here once again and today I'm going to share with you all mu submission to Mr Pokephile's March template contest! In case some of you are wondering about the details related to this contest, here's the video.​
Anyways, although this map does work well with the Necrosis gametype, it's also good on traditional flood. Other than that, there isn't really much to say about the map itself, so let's just get to the pictures!​

Map Pictures:
The initial spawn camera, showing the map's namesake.​
The human initial spawn, located within the sewage chasm, directed towards the derailed train-cart.​
An above view front the back left corner of the map, showing the derailed train-carts and stationary storage carts on the left.​
The underground tunnels with sewage grilling and running water... atleast I hope its water. The right leads up to the storage building, while the left leads to the homeless camp.​
The tunnel entry-point to the Storage station.​
The storage station, located at the north west of the facility.​
The exit of the Storage station tunnel, below the transitional bridge.​
The left wing of the underground tunnel, leading up to the homeless camp.​
The homeless camp, located at the South-West of the facility.​
The water-tower blockade, positioned near the North-East part of the facility.​
These stored train carts fill the South-East section of the facility, They represent one of the Flood spawn areas, another being the upper palisade with the cover pieces. (All flood spawns are out of bounds to discourage human camping).​
Here you can see one of the Flood beings exiting the back cart of the train, as it is one of their respawn points.​
The Flood may also spawn in these sewer-pipes, located northward of the human initial spawn, and is the highest point on the map.​
Lastly, the back two train carts on the derailed train act as the final respawn zones for the flood.​
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Anyways, that's pretty much all I want to share with you all concerning the map. Give it a download if it seems like something that interests you, and if you do, please leave me your opinion on it. Thanks, and I look forward to sharing with you all my next map feature!​
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