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I don't remember Backwash ever being anybody's favorite Halo map, but when hearing about the new forge features, I knew I had to remake it, even just for artistic reasons if not gameplay. That said, I still hope this could bring something interesting to Halo 5's gameplay. With maps getting bigger and bigger after the introduction of sprint into the series, I figured a map emphasizing more close quarters combat would be refreshing, and hopefully that will be aided by the decreased visibility due to the fog. All in all I'm happy with this map, and making it did a good job of showing me the crazy things that this new forge is capable of.

The map is suited for a maximum of 12 players (though it can support a full lobby), and supports both CTF and Strongholds. The weapon set needed some updating obviously, and I liked incorporating some of the Forerunner weapons. I debated switching one of the shotguns with a scattershot, but as of now they're both shotguns with 1 extra mag each. The Plasma Rifle, Sentinel Beam and Bruteshot were replaced with a Storm Rifle, Suppressor and a Hydra, respectively. I also excluded many of the multiples of the SMG and Plasma/Storm Rifle seeing as they're much more powerful in Halo 5 and don't need to be dual wielded. It's a remake, so there's not much to talk about, but tell me what you guys think. :)

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  2. Update 3

    Update fo' dat Halo 2 Battle Rifle! :D
  3. UPDATE 2:

    Frame rate is 100% fixed, for real this time. Some lighting bugs fixed too, and updated colors...