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Dead Space
I made a map that allows zombies to travel to each room easily in the vents just like necromorphs. The humans are encouraged to travel around for ammo and better spots. Some rooms have sightlines to easy zombie kills, the easier it is, the more routes for zombies to kill the humans, such as a room surrounded by vents, a spot only viable with many teammates that are on point. After playtests, I have gotten feedback that it's mazelike and confusing, especially for the zombies. It seems like a map that takes exploration to master, it's definitely confusing with all it's vents and darkness, but I decided it was more important to get the dead space feel.
It has it's own gamemode that is not necessary, but is suggested. On the gametype humans can't jump, but in normal infection, humans will be able to jump into vents. Not game breaking, but I don't like the idea of a human hiding in the vents.
I have a trailer:
And here's a place to bookmark it:
Map: Punch
gametype: Punch
Luigi Punch
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