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  1. Slayer
" Later known as 'Blamite' during the human-covenant war, unstable Platinum(VI) Permanganate(VII) crystals were grown by the forerunners for use against the flood. The helium-rich atmosphere and high caesium fluoride composition of the caves of Suban provided an inert environment for the solidification of these crystals, making it the forerunner's ideal research facility. The reactive nature of the crystal meant that it would oxidize anything but the most inert of substances, making it nearly impossible to analyze. Long forgotten, the coveted secrets of the crystal remain hidden in these forerunner facilities.

These unstable crystals were charged through molten electrolysis, allowing them to be magnetically guided. The high oxidizing power of 7 or more crystal shards could produce voltages high enough to ionize and vaporize most liquids, including water. However, only prototypes of the proposed crystalline weapons could be constructed before the firing of the halo array. Experiments with the crystal as a battery tripled the power of common weapons like the Lightrifle, but the risk of instability was deemed a cost too expensive for the forerunners. "

Screenshot-Original 4.png

Crystalline is a symmetric 2v2 competitive map with a theme I've not encountered before - Blamite. The map depicts a forerunner facility nestled in dark crystal caves, which have glowing pink crystals growing from the cave walls.


The map takes advantage of the req weapon glitch for it's power weapons. At the two ends of the map lie a Suppressor and a scattershot. However, they are vastly more powerful than normal. The scattershot fires clusters of needle rounds in rapid succession, offsetting the needles' slower travel time.

Screenshot-Original 1.png

The Supressor fires Blood of Suban rounds, allowing one to take out an opponent extremely quickly with a supercombine. At the center of the map lies a Speed Boost, which lasts for a longer time. However, ammunition is very limited for each.

Screenshot-Original 2.png

The timings of the weapons are 130, 170 and 210 seconds. This means that every 40 seconds, a new power weapon will be up. This is meant to pull combat throughout the map at different times, as the power of these weapons make them essential to achieve victory. Hence, the map is very porous. There are many small routes and jumps to get from here to there to facilitate movement, and out-outmaneuvering your opponent is as important as out-strafing or outgunning them.

Screenshot-Original 3.png

Screenshot-Original 5.png

Note: There are some frame rate issues on the map. If you stand at the corners of the map and face the center of the map, FPS does drop. I'm working to fix it.

Note #2: These screenshots aren't very accurate representations. The map's aesthetics and detail are more apparent in-game. I'll provide beter screenshots soon.

"I do believe there are termites that actually explode when threatened. We should call them Blamites." - "Give the covenant a spoonful of their own medicine. A spoonful of Blamite." - "It’s about as close to a fire-and-forget small arm as we're likely to ever see, and it ain’t ours. Blamite ain't friendly. And that's why we're losing."

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