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Contagium: The Harbinger (V1.0 in map description)

SpartanBarton X
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Hivemind V1.0
Before I proceed I would like to give further credit to all of the following:
Co-Forge Assistance: The Act Man--XxKingCoolCatxX--FD Bad Angel--G MAN 2510

Misc: WyvernZu (For creating flood bodies that look very aesthetically pleasing, you're awesome!)

A special thanks to FORGEHUB for releasing very helpful tutorials on scripting and cinematics, thank you guys again :).

REMkings for your awesome elevator sequence on the Cold White Chorus (Sweat intensifies)

And lastly to all of the people that helped me test this map, whether it be for gametype or gameplay your assistance shaped this map for the better and I can't thank you guys enough.

This is my first linear style Infection map titled "Contagium: The Harbinger"
Set on a derelict ONI space station The Harbinger. With this map I really wanted to make a fun and thoughtful linear style infection experience, with the fact that this map was fostered around the Hivemind gametype (two hits to kill a spartan/20 seconds to recharge shields) this formula really sets up for a high adrenaline suspense of retreat (Especially when a scripted door opens) as the zombies won't go down with your "Multiplayers" typical "7 shot ar kill". Just like it's predecessor I tried my absolute best to recreate the original Hivemind experience that you remember from Halo 4.
If you want a fresh Linear Style Infection map experience that offers a challenge while not being overly difficult consider checking out and playing this map :). Also consider adding me if you want to play this map and get a lobby going.

GT: SpartanDemonxXx

Extra Notes-
1: you may encounter an issue with playing more than one round as the scripts on the map will sometimes refuse to work I.e doors not opening when they're supposed to because it's the second or third round etc. (#1 is still up for debate, but it has done this to me once before and I considered at least letting everyone know that this may potentially be an issue)

2: Increase/decrease the amount of infected based on how many players are in the lobby. I found that if you have a full lobby you can stretch it to about three starting zombies. Two starting zombies is the best choice overall (based on testing) and in regards to having 10 people in your lobby one zombie works pretty well :).


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