Conga Line

Conga Line 2.1

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Island
DLC Required
Forge Island
Supported Gametypes
Custom Gametype
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Cha Cha Cha!
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Hmmm, not really much to say about this map. It's a straight line and you go from one end to the other and back again. Rounds last 3 minutes so you don't have to wait to long and each player has unlimited lives, unlimited hogs, unlimited glory. BTW, You may catch yourself looking at all the eye catching aesthetics.

Please note: The settings of the gametype mess up sometimes and you may have to change them to the proper settings.

Time:4 min
Score: 2
Lives: unlimited
Last lap effect: none

Below are some Pictures of what your getting Into!

So Straight

At the end of the straight, Collisions may be frequent.


Bumper to Bumper Action!


Wait! It may not be as straight as I thought. You see that slight skew, no, It might just be me then.

When your on your way back, you will collide with some players.


Well, I hope you guys/gals enjoy the complexness of this aesthetic heavy map. Bye!
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Why 343! Why!

    343's "new" system.
  2. Checkpoint

    Players were having issues getting the initial checkpoint so I expanded it.
  3. What Buddy said...

    What Buddy said in the comments. Go check it out!

Latest reviews

This map has shit replayability however, you would be lieing if you said this map wasn't the funniest most crazy exciting mini game in halo 4. Like I always say simplicity is key and this map is just that.
For such a simple map, it's amazing at how much laughter can be had on it. When you load this map up, you're going to laugh. It's just inevitable for some reason.

It is a single straight line though, with literally nothing else, so there's nothing to it at all. Some crates flying in to knock you off or something along those lines would be nice to just spice up on how you die instead of just because of a troll... again...
Speaking of which, trolls (which are guaranteed every time you load this map up) can really bring down your (already low) hopes of finishing that lap you're on.
And there's nothing on the map but the bridge. Aesthetics could have been jaw-dropping on this map, but alas.

All in all, if you're bored, and have nothing else to load up in your custom lobbies, and you want a quick laugh, this is something you should definitely load up.

I understand the complete intention of this map, so I'm not surprised at all as to why this map is the way it is. Oh, but the potential of just making it better is there.
In fact, I hear there's supposed to be a Premium Package for preorder of the low price of $59.99 coming soon, and you're supposed to get Conga Line + with it, which I hear is just going to be pure amazing. Should be good.
I ain't even mad.
It's just amazing to see that after two years forgers come up with such easy and at the same time ridiculously funny minigames.

Now that you've done some changes to the gametype and map it's a perfect minigame! Easy to follow, Warthogs and a lot of crashing. What else do you need for a good minigame? :D
It's nice to see that you didn't include any aesthetics. This is one of those maps where aesthetics would just ruin the map... Excellent!

Best with 10-14 people. Splatter 'n' Shit!

Alrighty, see ya. ;)
Much simple. Such straight. So aesthetical. Very wow.