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Standard Colonial 1.0

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  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
A 4v4 map built around Slayer & strongholds, with added FFA support. Colonial will be my submition to the 4v4 matchmaking contest.

Map Feature:

GameTypes: Slayer/ Strongholds/ FFA

Colonial takes place on an active duty UNSC high orbit Instalation, loyal in service for decades now. After multiple attacks from pirates 4 districts have been quarentined and the wear and tear has begun to show. Shattered glass, unhinged wall panels, and broken tech . The ship is divided into 4 Districts: Command Deck, Engine Service, Shuttle Bay, Plaza, . Red team play as a spartan security force, while Blue team are the invading raiders. This theme was established after having first devolped the core layout.

MAP GOALS (The boring stuff)
Moving forward my goal has been to combine the gameplay variety of asymetrical maps, with the ballence and competitive nature of Symetrical maps. Being a highly competitive player myself, I understand the desire for consistancy and exceptional ballence. I also, however; long for the days where a match on gaurdian and lockout was held in high regard. It's design naturaly encourages creative movement, and challenges the decision making process. Just as well i wanted to add some sort of gimmick for casual players to hunt for. Can you find all 5 Skulls?

Spawning on opposite ends, both teams have different paths that all end in a battle over various assets. One path leads to the dmr window(Lookout), a power location overseeing both weapon pads and major sightlines. Another path leads to the Shuttle Bay (longhall) where for now i have placed an ArchLight Railgun for Slayer. Within Longhall if you become pinned down from the opposite team who has taken control of Lookout, you can drop down into Bottom mid. Made up of branching paths, Bottom-Mid connects all segments of the map in close quarters, and hosts an Overshield power up at the endcap of the corridor. As a whole, Colonial is all about controlling the cross map sighlines and chokepoints. While the more promiscuous routes offer more options for escaping spawn trapping and flanking the enemy. One more important thing to note is the Death pit, a controvercial feature in competitive maps. However with Halo 5's new mobility, i feel it offers an exciting new experience not yet seen in halo. There are various jumps in between the pit that a creative player can utilize leading to rewarding engagments, and clutch escapes.

BR x2 Blue Yard/ Red Yard
DMR x1 OutLook
SHOTGUN x1 BottomMid ( Slayer )
ArchLight RAILGUN x1 Longhall (Slayer)
SNIPER x1 Armory (Strongholds)
PLASMA CASTER x1 Engine2 (StrongHolds)
OVERSHIELD x1 Platform (Slayer)
SPEEDBOOST x1 Engine1 (StrongHolds)
BRUTE RIFLE x1 Plaza Sneaky
STICKYS x4 Engine 2/ Loading Zone
SPLINTERS x2 Red Window/ Outlook
FRAGS x4 Blue Yard/ Red Yard

Focus on one route/ Location at a time. OutLook being a major power location on Colonial, this will be your best bet when starting out. It gives you a wide open FOV of major sightlines, allowing you to support your team from a distance, and keep an eye on the power weapons. Just watch your Flanks!

I feel this warrants it's own section, seeing as plays so differantly than slayer. The first stronghold (Stage) lie just in front of red spawn, a tier 2 base. Continuing up the stairs from red base will lead to the Tier 1 Stronghold (Lookout). These two strongholds are the most powerfull and highly contested bases. The team who can controls these two, control the map. The 3rd and final stronghold is located in the lower deck (Engine2), hosting spead boost & Shotgun. While Engine2 is isolated from the other two highly contested strongholds, it serves as an anchor point, with several options to branch out and coordinate a push with your team.

A special thanks to @NoGodAnywhere, for pushing me to keep improving and expanding multiple times when i was begining to lose motivation! One who has whitnessed the first build all the way to it's last.

Thank you to all the countless individuals whos feedback helped shape the final product.

And thanks to the ATN team for putting up with my incesent nagging, lol. Rest assured there will be more to come...Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20160703_18.jpg
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