Classic Prey

Classic Prey 2.2


PREYonaut is an epic new Prey creation by Buddy Jumps.
New map by Pandaz 4 Life called Preytropolis!
Download it here:

image 2.jpeg
  • Players who kill another player unassociated with them get -5 points AND are killed instantly.
  • Text at bottom of screen placement tweaked.
  • New screenshot for Prey_Dogs
  • New sneak peak screenshot of Prey Rialto
  • Spelling edits
  • New map made by guymandude (Yeti) "Prey_Dogs" :D
Likes: UEG Grim
  • 110% jump height
  • -5 points for killing anyone other than your Prey
  • -2 points for killing your Predator
  • Vehicle Use: none
  • New modded game type thanks to AbandonedCashew! Adds text to the bottom of every player's screen displaying their Prey (who they must kill) and their Predator (who they must avoid)! Eliminates honor rules from the game! :D If you kill the wrong play then you will receive -2 points and die instantly!
  • 2 New Maps: Preytress and Golem by Z3 Master and Buddy Jumps!
Likes: Fuzzle