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Prey is the game where players are put into the shoes of the hunter... but also the huntee!


Here's how it works (NEW!)

Thanks to AbandonedCashew, Classic Prey has been modded to dispose of all honor rules it previously had! That means: no more countless explaining how to play to players who haven't played Prey in a lobby, no more confusion about the leaderboard when you enter the game, and no more accidental killings without punishment. :)
  1. The game will start, and on the bottom of every player's screen will be a person of "Prey" and a person of "Predator".
  2. The "Prey" is the person you must hunt down and kill, and the "Predator" is the person you should probably stay sway from, because that is the person trying to kill you! :eek:
  3. Players get 1 point for killing their Prey. Once they have killed this person, they will get a new Prey to kill!
  4. If a player kills anyone other than their Prey, that person with die instantly and be penalized. If they kill their predator they will also receive -2 points, or -5 for killing a player unassociated with them.
The winner of the game is decided by who has the most kills by the end. If there is a tie, then it goes by who was alive the longest, and then by assassinations. This person can then choose the next map if they so desire.

If everyone continues to kill their correct targets, by the end of the game there will be two players remaining, who must then fight to the death. (This will be displayed with "Eliminate" and then the person both players must kill on the bottom of their screens).


Prey Maps:

The Original Prey (JOP):

Players have plenty of tall buildings and high over watches to either hunt their prey or avoid their predator.

Prey Port (JOP & Buddy):

Use the gravity lifts for quick escapes from your hunter!

Prey Rialto (JOP):

The docks are open at the Rialto, and the townspeople huddle in fear as a game of Classic Prey commences.

Preyonaut (Buddy):

Nobody hears you screaming in space...

Preytropolis (Pandaz):
image 2.jpeg

Even the beautiful detail won't distract a viscous predator from finding his prey.

Preyoto (Buddy):

Jump from the rooftops in the remains of a lost castle in Kyoto, Japan.

Preytress (Z3 Master):

Scavenge the debris of an overthrown fortress in search for vengeance.

Golem (Buddy):

An old magician used this ancient castle for his crual experiments...

Prey Dogs (Yeti):

The city is your weapon...use it to your advantage!

Preyception (Vientus & JOP):
classic prey v1_3.jpg

Your prey lies deep within these walls... You know what to do.


Youtube Features:


I hope the community has as much fun with Prey as I did designing the game type, building the maps, and testing it!
Enjoy! :)

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  1. New Map! Preyonaut!

    PREYonaut is an epic new Prey creation by Buddy Jumps.
  2. Big Update to Prey Port!

    Check out the update to the Prey Port!
  3. New Map! Preytropolis!

    New map by Pandaz 4 Life called Preytropolis! Download it here...

Latest reviews

Doesn't need words... it's too genius.
This used to be the shit back a little while few months ago.. what happened?! Prey is so much fun to play with a coopertive lobby and has a simple concept. For the most part, the maps are very well forged and gives you a sense of fear being always hunted down. Player did an awesome job with this, nice! Someone needs to make another lobby!!
Really incredible, fun, thought out game type and great maps
Excellent gametype. Who knew that simply hunting down the player under your name could be so much fun.

This gametype is very fun and really encourages players to be careful and cautious because players are only given one life. It can create some really exhilirating and hilarious gameplay.

I would definitely keep it in my hard drive.
Tomtris's Review Crew Rating:

Gameplay = The gametype its self, is honor rules based, and involves very fast, and adrenaline pumping gameplay. With its simple premise (Kill whose below you, avoid whose above you), it shines with who you play it with. Scoring that kill after a long winded chase feels so rewarding, and the chase alone provides fun and intense gameplay for all involved. If its one thing this gametype lacks, its a sense of safety, cause every moment keeps are heart racing, and you mind working. As fort the downfalls of this game type, I would say its the scoreboard. The way you pay attention to your targets, is by checking your scoreboard, which halts gameplay, and in some cases, can even lead to your downfall. Additionally, the scoreboard does not reset per round, and without doing some host swapping, does not switch every game. These things being said, I would not take that away from this addictivly fun gametype, that does that have dull moments, or boring gameplay anywhere near it. In all the games I have played of it (Although few), we could not help ourselves to having a blast.

Gameplay = 4.75/5

Overall (Rounded due to Halo Customs) = 5/5
Thank you for the incredibly awesome review! Thanks to the Review Crew for taking the time to play this game! :D
One of the most fun games I have played recently :P, If everyone obeys the rules this game is very fun. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to try out something original for the whole lobby and personally I will host lobbies of this gametype myself.
Player told me to rate 5 or else so here you go player Jk love the map lots of fun
Haha... yeah thats a joke. Haha, thanks for the review tortoise!
I played this in one of Just One Players lobbys and it was amazing!! Its just like the assassins creed 3 multiplayer! Im going to play this all the time with my friends, PREY PREY PREY! :D
I hope you have fun and thanks for the review! :)
Well i played this map today and it was TOTALLY.....>........>..........>..........> HORRIBLE OMG IT is so stupid i had to give it a total 5 stars because if i gave it a 1 star that would be to simple but giving it 5 stars thats how you get 'em with 5 stars because its bad, like if u have to decide between playing with a rock and this play with a rock my friend, it just suck that bad,........ NO BUT FOR REAL THIS GAMETYPE IS SO ORIGINAL AND FUN YOU'D BE STUPID NOT TO PLAY THIS WITH THE THREE AWESOME MAPS THAT COME ALONG WITH IT SO DOWNLOAD THIS AWESOME GAMETYPE AND MAPS AND GO HAVE AN AWESOME GOOD TIME PLAYING IT WITH THE HALO COMMUNITY
Hahahahahaha! "rating 1 star would be too simple." Hilarious review, thanks Jamaica!