City of Grey

City of Grey FINAL

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Forge Island
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Forge Island
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City of Grey
by Zandril S312

City of Grey is a linear Flood map that is to be played with 12-14 players. The idea behind the map was to create a fast-paced map where players can feel like there's an actual story behind the map and will have to use teamwork to achieve success.

With City of Grey's aesthetics and phases, it accomplishes this goal. This linear Flood map is a difficult one. It's difficult but it's not impossible.

If the humans coordinate with one another, they will succeed. This map is inspired by the fast-paced gameplay of Favela Vengeance and the classic Halo feeling brought by the Warthog run of Coastal Highway.


The humans spawn at a beach.

The Flood will spawn on an elevated area in front of the humans.

It is at this stage where the actions of the Flood may determine the map's difficulty. If the Flood are smart and are able to kill some humans at the start, surviving the map will be even harder for the humans.


The Flood are given several options in this phase
1) They can go through the first teleporter which leads them inside an elevated crate which they can use to get the drop on humans
2) They can take a right off spawn and go to the second floor of a building which would allow them to jump to a very good height.
3) They can take a right off spawn and go down to the ground floor of a building which is a more covered and more or less sneaky way to attack the humans.
4) They can jump to the bridge walkway and get a very high jump. However, they will also be very exposed.
5) From the second floor of the building near them, they can get to another roof.
6) They can drop down to the beach and attack the humans head-on. This isn't a good idea. :p


Ripping off the the first turret and carrying it to the second phase is risky but beneficial if you succeed. There is also a Saw that spawns in the alley. Going for this Saw is also risky because the Flood can catch up to you from the first phase.

Watch the rooftops. The Flood could be up there to get the drop on you.

Be sure to watch your backs. They're fast.

Info: The street is the short walk from the first phase to the second phase. This walk is short but can be very dangerous. The Flood use this phase to their advantage by killing the humans who aren't watching their back. The way the humans play at this phase can be a deciding factor in the game.


The Flood are once again given options.

Humans have a choice to stay on the ground or climb the platform. Platform has the height advantage. Ground has the turret. You choose.

Info: This is the phase where everyone (usually) dies. Having a second turret is very helpful but the process of accompanying and protecting the guy carrying the turret to the second phase is very perilous. If humans even commit the slightest mistake, the Flood could achieve victory.


When that second door explodes, get your butt in a vehicle as fast as you can. You'll be give one Warthog. Use this Warthog to defend the Mongeese while on the way to the third phase.

Don't think that being in a vehicle means that you're safe. The Flood will be dropping on you again.

Don't lose your grip on the Warthog now. :)


If the humans are good enough, they are rewarded with a Gauss Hog. The third phase is spacious enough to give the humans in vehicles a fighting chance. Just keep driving. Don't sit in one spot.

Try not to get killed as a gunner.

Info: This is the last phase. If you make it here, props to you because that is no easy feat especially if the Flood are decent. The Flood have the most options in this phase. They are given two teleporters which lead to different parts of the third phase. One leads to a path that the Flood can take to the buildings.

The other leads to a walkway that the Flood can use as an observing deck to plan how they're going to drop on the humans. Think Assassin's Creed. The Flood can also get to a rooftop from the walkway and drop from there or take a mancannon that takes them to the building on the opposite side.

In this phase, things get hectic. The Flood will be dropping down from nearly every angle. The humans will really have to watch the skies. It will literally rain Flood.

- Flood can sprint.

-It's helpful to the Flood if they are able to infect one or two humans off spawn.

- Make no mistake. This is a difficult map. If it seems like a walk in the park for humans, there are two possible causes. Either the humans are very well coordinated or the Flood are not playing well.

- Teamwork will be very helpful. For both humans and Flood.

- If most if not all humans are alive by the end of the first phase, they're in good shape.

- After the third phase, the humans who have survived have to hold out in a safe room for 30 more seconds. This safe room is a little bit safer and easier to hold out in. However, the humans' safety isn't guaranteed.

- Don't immediately jump down to the boat by the safe room. You still
have to survive for 30 seconds.

- Shoot the mine at the safe room to create a makeshift door with a crate. Don't punch the mine and die. You know who you are. ;)

Many thanks to...

- Charles Stoot
- El Trocity
- Master Debaytes
- Orzium
- Pol Wah
- REMkings
- Shadow KryPTiiC
- The 0micron
- xtoungelovex


That's it! Thanks for reading and I hope you guys download City of Grey! :D
First release
Last update
4.80 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest reviews

This map is a blast to play, It's fun for both the humans and the flood, simply amazing!
This is a great linear Flood map. I had a lot of fun playing this the other day. It was enjoyable to be a human and a Flood. Overall, this is an incredibly fun map that I'd be willing to play again soon. I also love the Warthog phase. The view of the Hogs gunning down the Flood as they rain down is just awesome.
Great feel, flow and looks. Everytime I play this map I can't help but be excited. The gameplay is intense, and I feel like I actually need my team to survive. You forced humans to work together and have made great balanced sight lines for the flood to try their worst.

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE grabbing the gause at the end. If the flood play right then it's not OP; just Delightful. The whole map from beginning to end is great and I always feel the need to keep my eyes constantly open as to not to miss a detail or be killed.
Excellent Linear map. A little while ago Linear maps started to come back in Halo 4, and this map was definitely amongst the ones pioneering that movement. I greatly enjoy playing on City of Grey because it really pulls you into that feel of being stuck in an infested cityscape. The games are balanced and zombies have a fair chance of infecting all, especially if they cooperate well and move around in a smart way.
A few little things would keep me back from rating this with 5 stars though. Buddy/Gimli already pointed out some of them, such as the flatness - which doesn't really bother me that much, but it would make things more interesting if there was more elevation involved in general. A second thing would be that the first and second holdout sections are pretty much identical in terms of gameplay and also for a little bit in terms of aesthetical appearance. Finally, I wish that the third phase would be a little more interesting. Although the concept itself (having a Warthog drive around and try to keep zombies at bay thus protecting the other humans) is really cool, the area is something bland in a sense. But again, there is not too much you could do about that anyway.

Overall, this map has become one of my favorites. It's an awesome map that is definitely going to stick!
Thanks for the review and feedback, REM. Hopefully, my next linear Flood map will be an improvement. :)
I love this map. I always have a blast playing it, and get pretty happy to see it pop up on rotations.

Teamwork is always appreciated when a Survivor; you really can't solo/be selfish. And you really never lose hope when as a Flood, which is a rare for a linear Flood map, which makes me pretty happy. Every playtest the map gets better and better, and I love seeing that evolution.

Again, I love this map, and I love playing on it. It's a very excellent map.
I've played this map so many times in the past few days and got to say that it isn't getting boring!

Now a little bit more detailed:
You've done a great job on the aesthetics! The "sand" of the beach is forged flawless and well, the overall style of the abandoned and destroyed "city" suits to your map, overally amazing (besides the one way shield door :D).
The teleporter mechanics for the flood along with the opening doors are perfect timed. I didn't have any bad experiences with that.
Gameplay is always exciting! Even more if at the first phase already two humans converted. Also it's pretty balanced, although it needs much coordination and team play of the humans to get to the safe room. Heartbumping!
Now what I miss on this map is that there is no height variation, which I really love on linear infection maps. You're always at the bottom floor (besides of the two lifted platforms), There is no climbing or lifting included. That is just my opinion ;)
The ways for the flood are very easy to go and learn, but one thing i have to mention here is that you shouldn't be able to commit suicide for "normal" jumping at some spots. I know that's hard to do, but it's possible. :)

4.4 --- Definitely worth a download! Baam!
Okay this map has gone through so many different models. "how do you make a moving train?" - Zandril. Thee only thing I have wrong with this map is that stupid land mind at thee end where I committed suicide because I thought it was a button (much like in Reach progressive infection maps in thee safe box's.) Okay thee map Very fun and creative, It reminds me of when you are running trough thee streets of New Mombasa in ODST. Then you get on Monggooses and hogs, to thee final hold out position where you get evacuated by that covenant carrier thing. I loved that mission and this map brought me back to that mission. Though there was no beach during that Mission in ODST still reminds me of it. None thee less this map does what very few maps I've seen can do. Balance Sprint for flood. I will always appreciate this map because I saw it from thee beginning where it was a sloppy ending and miss used. Now it is polished and finished. Even thee road area seams done with just walls. Though I have yet to see, with this new version, any one make it to that safe room. Even with that being there it is still one of my favorite Flood maps and you have pleased my need for a good hog/goose flood map. Thank you and this map is so highly recommended for a download.
This map is brilliant.. I know that there is still some things that need to be ironed out but I can say I will always be happy to play on this map. The gameplay is fast and not stale. Every area is different and unique which makes playing on this map over and over again, great. DOWNLOAD THIS MAP YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! Floner officially activated ;)
I thought I hated flood until I played this. The vehicle part is just so damn epic! It gives you a sort of Halo campaign warthog run feel that leads into a firefight type situation. Very unique for a flood map to have such variation in itself.

10/10 would play again
Good. All good. Fight for your life as a team or die as individual bitches. Flood must move as a co-ordinated swarm or they will be taken out. Laughs all round trying to get further every round, in the city of grey.
The forging is clean, the beach looks superb, the routes for the flood are fun, and the hilarity of the final warthog phase is awesome. The moment our party got through to the hog phase for the first time was a classic halo moment.

Sweet job Zan