Checkmate Final

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
DLC Required
No DLC Required
Supported Gametypes
Slayer, Oddball, King of the Hill, Regicide


Checkmate is a 2-6 player map great for Slayer and Oddball matches. This will work well with 4 player FFA games or team games where 2v2 is ideal but the map is playable with 3v3 games. The map consists of seven floors focused around a central atrium that connects the entire map. This verticality is balanced by the maps layout, the pathways work in such a way that you will never directly challenge a floor that is too far above or below you. With all the paths focusing towards the middle atrium, finding engagements is never difficult.





Checkmate is designed around two pairs of two-way teleporters that add interesting movement options to the map. Gameplay is very fluid with the teleporters, drop downs, flanking opportunities and a gravity lift. Despite its verticality, Checkmate is not a map about rushing the top level and staying there. The flow of this map will force players to stay on their toes because of the wide range of movement options.







It will never take long to get to a single point on the map as switching sides or level is very easy, this combined with well balanced power positions ensures that no place on the map is that safe at all. The maps design makes it easy to catch up with that player attempting to escape through the teleporters. This is a map that will encourage players to anticipate their enemies movements and cut them off instead of chasing them.



Pickups on the map include a Concussion Rifle, Needler, Boltshot, Hologram and a Jetpack. The nature of this map allows people to effectively deceive enemies with the Hologram. The Jetpack offers some interesting movement options and is conveniently placed beneath the drop down where the Needler spawns. Pulse grenades on the map are effective in temporarily causing enemy players passing through teleporters to be detected and take damage.




If you enjoy fast-paced tactical gameplay then this is a map for you. I certainly know me and the map testers had a bunch of laughs! Special thanks to; AlexJ189, CasualInception, ChewyNutCluster, Error 5577, harveythehammer and jason x 185 for playing almost an entire hour of Slayer with me. Testing this map with you guys was a lot of fun.
Sgt x Slaphead
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5.00 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Soft Kill Teleporter Fix

    -Soft kill boundaries have been added to the teleporters to prevent teleporter blocking...
  2. Back in Purple!

    - Overall color of the map has returned to purple with subtle areas of orange/cyan at either...
  3. Rebuilt

    - Frame rate issues have been resolved through more efficient piece usage. - Windows added to...

Latest reviews

I LOVE this map. And it is for a few simple reasons:
!. Simple design, a map that I would look at the first time I play it and be like, WTF is this. However, the WTF slowly changed to a look of amazement at how well the map played in 3v3, 2v2, FFA settings after several games.
2. Old halo was tactical as fack. You HAD to know the secret jumps in Halo 3 and Halo 2, know how the teleporters work, quickest way to flank your opponent etc etc. THIS MAP BRINGS THAT BACK! After several games, the level of tactic you had to use against players who also knew the map well was astounding,
3. Its not a facking midship clone. Thank fack.
4. BONUS: It works on race. Like. The. Actual. Fack. How many 3v3 maps do you know that can provide stellar gameplay and make an excellent race track? Exactly. None besides this one.
This is a true Halo map. Probably one of the best oddball maps ever, of all time.
This is easily one of the best maps I've played in Halo 4. Keep up the good work!
Sgt x Slaphead
Sgt x Slaphead
This map would not have been possible without the huge inspiration you gave me from Checkrace! Thank you.
I never really got around to review Checkmate but anyways, This map is one of my favorites to play small team competitive. It plays differently and looks different than a normal competitive map the height variation on the map plays great because I don't feel like im over powering everyone by being on the top of the map. It is also important to work as a team because there could be a person right behind you. The power weapons on the map were a great idea you put a concussion rifle on the map, and the weapons play greatly on Checkmate. Playing FFA on your map was intense probably because of you and Casual, It felt like there was multiple BR fights I had to choose from, The sightlines on Checkmate don't look to long or short for BR gun fights. Im not much of a competitive player but your map was really fun playing on.
Sgt x Slaphead
Sgt x Slaphead
Thanks Steel I appreciate it. It means a lot coming from someone who doesn't usually play competitive.
This map has a very classic feel to it. It reminds me a little bit of Rat Race, while still having a completely refreshing layout. The encounters around the middle area play out really cool, I actually find it funny how there is no "top middle" despite the amount of flow to that location. You did a real great job with this one. I look forward to playing this one again.
Sgt x Slaphead
Sgt x Slaphead
Great that you mention Rat Race as a few other people also mentioned it and that was certainly a map that inspired me here. Particularly because I love drop downs! Thanks for the review.
Wow, this map is amazing!!! I like how the map plays vertical, not horizontal, while keeping it smoother than a smoothie XD. I had fun on this map, even though I was the noob of the lobby when I played it with you guys
Sgt x Slaphead
Sgt x Slaphead
I appreciate the review thanks!
It's a gentleman's game.....This map is like a breath of fresh air! The reason I love this map is the same reason I love "Cryptic" (another gem by Slaphead), it's unique and it just works. The only negative thing I have to say about Checkmate is that, at first, I was a bit confused on the maps layout. This isn't a map that you can instantly get the gist of right when you start up your first game, but after playing on Checkmate only once I figured it out and, let me tell you, it's such a brilliant design. My favorite part of the map structurally is the section in the middle that connects all of the separate corridors. Map knowledge on Checkmate gives you excellent ways to flank or cut-off your enemies. I find that whenever a player is running away from me, I never chase them, but instead anticipate their movement and use the many interlocking routes of the map to catch them off guard at another location. The fact you can use those techniques is all thanks to the ingenious design by Slaphead. Keep it up, Slaps! We need more of these in the Haloverse to avoid all the Midship clones!
Sgt x Slaphead
Sgt x Slaphead
Ha! This made me smile, damn midship clones! My focus now is just on making it easier to pick up but I am glad you enjoy the map now that you understand it. It has been very fun watching people create their own tactics on this map. It just needs to be a little easier to learn and I am working on it. Thanks Chewy!
Epic map! I loved the style of jumps added to the map. Had lots of tun playing oddball on this one, the teleporters are a life savor! Defiantly one of my favorites :)
Sgt x Slaphead
Sgt x Slaphead
Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it, I believe we had a very interesting game of Oddball on that map. I am pleased with how well this first version is going but I will be addressing that damn frame rate soon.
Amazing, fast paced and better than self fallatio
Sgt x Slaphead
Sgt x Slaphead
Cheers Harvey!