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  1. Slayer

A 2v2 focused asymmetrical map that emphasizes the importance of power weapon control.

"After the covenant stumbled upon this installation on Delta Halo, Regret ordered its transformation into a communications outpost used during High Charity's construction."


View attachment 14563

Best overhead view I can give; some, if not most, of the map is covered plus there is not much space above the map itself in the canvas.
View attachment 14564

View from red side of bottom middle towards sniper spawn.
I really wanted to take an organic approach to this maps aesthetics, which you can see through my heavy usage of *round objects*.

View attachment 14555

Overshield bridge and Oversheld plat.
The Hang 'Em High inspiration is real.

View attachment 14556

View from Birds (makeshift callout because I have bird sounds there) over the middle of the map.
This is taken to the right of the receiver node from blue's spawn, and above the railgun spawn.

View attachment 14557

Birds and drop-down to railgun shown to the left.
Red spawn and lift shown to the right. The lift is reminiscent of Construct's gold lift.

View attachment 14561

Railgun Spawn
Directly under birds
Red lift and teleporter to OV plat to the right

View attachment 14558

Blue Spawn
Teleporter to birds around the corner
Lift to OV plat to the right, as well as a path to Gold
Red Lift seen in the distance to the left

View attachment 14559

Path to OV plat, Bottom Mid, and Blue spawn

View attachment 14562

Bottom Mid
Camo spawn & major shotblocker.
You can slide through that gap, by the way.

View attachment 14560

Alternate ramp up to OV plat from Railgun


Power Weapons:

- Sniper Rifle


-Plasma Pistol


-Active Camo

Other Weapons:
- BR (x2)
- Carbine
- Plasmas (x2)
- Splinters (x2)

When I began designing this map, I set out to build a unique map that can appeal to everyone. Many maps nowadays seem to be the same basic design with different aesthetics and jumps *cough* MIDSHIP *cough* GUARDIAN (I am no exception... my map Index was a Guardian spin-off). Things in Halo 5 seem like they may be taking a different turn, I'm seeing a lot more CE-esc maps.

Point is, we're seeing a lot of the same thing. The opposite extreme is forgers creating maps that are basically Quake or CE maps in a different engine. These maps are great, definitely better than most others, but they aren't received well by everyone (don't get me wrong, no map is), specifically those who love those H2/3 trick jumps and power positions.

Soo..... can the two be mixed? Making a map that plays like a CE map while maintaining concepts from the other two games of the trilogy. And that's what I did. At least... I attempted it. Some things come down to purely personal preferences.

This map was originally designed for H2A, and part of refitting a map for Halo 5 involves reworking some parts of the map to compliment the game's new movement and spartan abilities. For this map, I simply upscaled some areas, such as increasing the length of the ramps to snipe spawn and the elbow to birds. I also adjusted parts so the map flow would not be thrown in the trash, for example I made it so that the jump from OV to bird path/red path (where the lift drops you off) is impossible even with a thrust. Like I said earlier, I made the gap in the center's sightline blocker something a player can slide- but not walk- through. Also, the verticality influences players to take advantage of the ground pound... which would more than likely hurt them in the long run.

Link to H2A version-

Charity features weapon placement on the lower elevations of the map, and advantageous power positions with many sightlines at the higher levels, influenced by CE maps such as hang em' high and prisoner. These different elevations are connected via ramps, teleporters, and lifts.
The teleporters go from low points to high points.

This map demonstrates flow very well. By achieving the balance of high point and low point importance, flow is already at a good starting point. I tried making the flow the best I could possibly make it, and this is where the H2 inspiration comes in. Traversing between areas of the map needs to be more than hard routes in order to be a lot of fun (and competitive). By throwing in various skill and slide jumps, teleporters, and sneak routes, the basic flow of the map can be sped up, interrupted (in a good way), reversed, etc. Taking advantage of these things allows players to get behind their opponent without them ever having a clue. Overall, this map is designed to have a nice skill gap and replay-ability.

Aaaannnndd the aesthetics.

My lightmap is at 200%. Overkill? Pfffttt, nah.

I really tried to push Halo 5's forge with this map, making sure nearly all textures were not flat and bland, creating a map that could look as though it may have shipped with the game. I found different blocks and formed them with other blocks to form very interesting shapes, which I merged into walls to create my own, unique pieces. I took advantage of the natural objects to make a player feel as though they were wrapped in terrain, yet still exposed to the outside elements, which created a very cool atmosphere. I used lighting on this map only a few times, but they are all used to emphasize an area. For example, I have flashing lights around the sniper plat as well as a green beam that shines down upon it. I also have a gentle fog that races through the map, creating a more immersive atmosphere.

For the incredible feedback.

Have a great day! :titmar:
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