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Casual-Competitive Gametypes FINAL

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I'm not a fan of Infinity settings. I'm fairly certain that some of you feel the same way. For a while, I used v5 settings from the Team Throwdown playlist.

Unfortunately, some people didn't like that one either. And so, I created these casual-competitive gametypes.

They don't have the bull**** and randomness of Infinity and they aren't hyper-competitive like v5. They're just right. #goldilocks

These gametypes are to be used for competitive custom games.


Better Slayer (SLAYER):

Capture the Drag (CTF):

Ricochetty (RICOCHET):

My Ex's Traction (EXTRACTION):

Zoddball (ODDBALL):

Hill The World (KING OF THE HILL):


Dominatrix (DOMINION):



*Personal Ordnance enabled. However, the ordnance only consists of armor abilities.
  • Slayer, CTF, Ricochet PO: Thruster Pack, Hologram, Hardlight Shield.
  • Extraction PO: Autosentry, Regeneration Field, Hologram
*The gametypes use game loadouts.
  • 4 loadout options. BR, DMR, Carbine, or Light Rifle.
  • Secondary: Magnum
  • 2 frags off-spawn for Slayer, CTF, and Ricochet. One frag for Extraction.
*Resupply enabled.

*Friendly fire and team switching disabled.

*5 second respawn.

*15 second reset time for CTF. 5 second return time. Adjust the return time according to the map's size.

*Radar enabled

*Adjust certain options (Hill points, capture points, etc.) as needed.

*oOZeroFlameOo had a hand in My Ex's Traction. Wait, wut?
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  1. Added gametypes

    Added gametypes to the thread. These would be King of The Hill Oddball Regicide Dominion

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I like it :)
Brilliant game types... But you need the starting weapon to be an Incineration cannon just saying...
Good gametypes with cool settings! In my opinon there should be an Assault Rifle as secondary weapon, but whatever. ;)
You even considered my advise to disable friendly fire! Thanks.

There you go. I don´t how these gametypes are terrible...
I know. Some people...

Thanks for the review though, bud. I appreciate it.