Cédricville Unleashed

Cédricville Unleashed Final Indeed

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Forge Island
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Forge Island
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Cédricville Unleashed
By REMkings

“Devastated by World War 2, the once prospering French village Cédricville nowadays looks more like a huge graveyard. Most if not all of the inhabitants were cast away by the nazis, or simply due to a lack of hope or reasons to stay. A lone group of survivors that fled from the decide to enter the small township looking for shelter and food, only to find that there are actually still some creatures present… bu these infected ‘people’ are not friendly. Today, the Battle of Cédricville gets a new meaning. Cédricville is unleashed.”

Hello and welcome to my latest finished map, that goes by the illuster name of 'Cédricville Unleashed'. This map is yet another take on the concept that started with Deadborough in Halo Reach. In this concept humans find themselves stuck in an urban environment and have access to both high buildings and rooftops as well as vehicles, such as the Warthog.

Main Goal
8 O'Clock Reminiscence was a great success and people were digging the varied gameplay. Therefore, after the release of Forge Island I knew I had to make a similarly fun map on that crisp and new canvas. To offer both many buildings and roofs to hold out at and a good Warthog track to drive around on.
What I had always wanted since I started forging maps, was to make a map with a World War 2 theme. Call of Duty games nowadays are pretty awful, but they actually used to be fun and intriguing. The last good World War 2 COD, being "World at War", had shown me how awesome a realistic WW2 environment can make you feel if you're into that. Ever since, I wanted to bring something like that to Halo. And it is now that I finally succeeded in doing so.

'Cédric' is not only a fun map to play, it also looks very real. I tried really hard to make it look as authentic as I could get it to look. I looked up a lot of pictures from destroyed cities in WW2 and from Burgundy, the COD map that functioned as a main source of inspiration. And I focussed a lot on French architecture too, since the map was to take place in Normandy.
Despite the flatness of Forge Island, I decided to take the challenge upon me to also make the Warthog track very enjoyable by providing lots of jumps and opportunities. The design of the track is very similar to Deadborough's (though smaller), but unlike 'D-Bro' - with only 2 jumps - this map even has 5.
Finally, I wanted to create as much connectivity between the separate buildings as possible. That used to be an issue that was present with Deadborough, got better with 8 O'Clock and is even more perfected on Cedricville Unleashed.

The Beast Within
Combining vehicular gameplay and tall accessible buildings isn't easy to do without the right gametype settings. That's where The Beast Within (V2) comes into play. This gametype allows zombies to sprint, so they may chase down the Warthog, but also to jump longer distances, so they may traverse between the separate buildings with ease. The Beast Within V2 is highly recommended for this map because any other gametype will not be as much fun or might provide un- or less balanced gameplay.

Cédricville Unleashed is not so much a city like its two predecessors, but rather a small village. The map takes place in Normandy, France. Due to World War 2, many of the buildings have been bombed and destroyed, leaving many holes and openings in the roofs and walls. These actually function as gameplay elements because they make for pathways that zombies and sometimes also humans can use to climb to the top or move through the building.

The buildings
There are four main buildings on the map, placed in a square. I'll cover each building shortly.

The hotel
This is the building that's on your left when you spawn as a human. It's the quickest and safest route for a human to get to the top, but it doesn't feature as many weapons as some of the other buildings do. There's only a small part of the roof that you can sit on, but it's flat and this makes it a lot easier to look around as you can see everything from there. This also makes for a great sniping spot, which is in fact one of the weapons to be found in this building. In the garden you can look for a SAW to pick up.

The house
This building features two chimneys that allow you to view a great part of the surroundings. The rooftop is very steep though, making it somewhat difficult to not fall off. At the backside of the building a part of the wall has been blown up, allowing people to jump right in. The second story may be accessed by either using the stairs or jumping through the window from the back yard. On top of one of the chimneys a sticky detonator can be found.

The warehouse
Out of all the buildings on the map, this is the one that has suffered from bombings the most. Half the rooftop has been blown away, and a huge tree has fallen on top of it. This tree functions as the main way to quickly get high up on the building, but it's also an exposed route and attentive humans can quickly gun down any zombies trying to use it. The building contains several shotguns and some AR ammunition.

The church
This is certainly the biggest building on the site. The church, ah, always a good way to find peace in times of war. But will it also save you from the undead? Many ways lead up to the top, and some of them are specifically designed for zombies to use. The belltower is also a huge sightline blocker on its own and if not guarded properly, will allow zombies to get the jump on you. The church is a good holdout building, but a very tricky one also. Features a sniper, a magnum and several shotguns.

It means a lot to apply teamwork on Cédricville. Because of the fact that all the buildings are well interconnected, one cannot defend his current residence all by himself. You need others to either stay with you on the same roof, or to take refuge on some of the other rooftops. That way, you'll have a better chance of locking down alternate routes and end up feeling more secure.
The warthog helps to add to the value of teamwork. It will distract the zombies from attacking the buildings and it may protect other humans in danger.

The Warthog
One of the greatest ways to play a game of 'Cédric', is by driving the Hog.
Like I said before, I really wanted to allow players to enjoy this vehicle to the fullest by implementing several fun jumps to take. Some of these jumps are tricky but if you can pull them off successfully, it might just help you and your gunning buddy to escape from the zombs. The Warthog is arguably the best ways to get kills on this map... but also the fastest way to die if the zombies work together to take it down.

And a few more pictures
Because I think you're such a nice guy for checking out this thread.

Enough with the talk, I think that's about it. I hope you will enjoy playing this map! Testing and improving has been a very intense and time consuming experience, but it was worth it in the end. If you'd like to provide feedback, leave me a rating or just want to share your greatest moments on this map, that's all much appreciated. Thank you for your time! REMkings out.

-- Special thanks to everyone that helped me to test & improve the map --



Pictures in this thread may not always represent the final outcome.
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Latest updates

  1. Updated Link

    The Download Link has been updated. I fixed some spawns as they were facing the wrong way...

Latest reviews

'Tis Good! I love the aesthetic of the map and the way the warthog is incorporated into gameplay without being to O.P. But I do feel the building might be to O.P. at times...
I still think its too difficult at times to reach the upper level of a building from the ground as flood. It could be a little irritating when you'd finally funnel through those routes just to be gunned down and forced to repeat the tedious process all over again. Its far from gamebreaking, but I do wish there were more approaches on each holdout or, at least, that they were more accessible as they were on Deadborough.

Beautiful map overall, though. Good stuff, Rem.
Thanks bro! I agree that it can be irritating, I find that to be a slight issue myself as well. When I think about it, the reason for this difference between Cédric and Deadbro/8 O'Clock is probably the fact that this map doesn't have any surrounding buildings that are directly connected to the playable ones. This is due to me not having enough budget to build something like that, plus a way of keeping the framerate lag down. I'll definitely keep it in mind next time though, thanks for the feedback.
The most fun flood map I've ever played. Period.
Thanks! That's great to hear. :)
I had to review this map because of this jackass who gave you 3 stars. Smh -_-
Thanks, haha. I'm glad you like the map.
This map is just awesome... the buildings, the atmosphere, everything. Great job ;)
Thank you kind sir! :)