Halo Fan Lore:
The Sangheili have discovered an ancient cloaking
device that was accidentally dropped during a raid
on a rogue settlement of Promethians.

The tech has been reverse engineered
by the greatest minds in Sangheilios; and is now
fully incorporated into the Eidolon's advanced spec.
This is the most effective cloaking tech
recognized by the Covenant.

It's official name is the "Eidolon" a perfectly
stealthy and advanced variant of the classic Banshee
(99.99% undetectable with active camo)
It is used in top secret missions
conducted by Covenant Special Ops.

This ship was recovered by the UNSC shortly after
a careless Elite parked it during a mission without
activating the cloaking device first.
It requires an Elite's eye-scan to enter the modifier
mode, so humans are unable to activate
invisibility. It is, however, an invaluable find
that is being safely stored inside UNSC HQ.

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