Buddy & Player's Elevator Game!

Buddy & Player's Elevator Game! 1.0

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Forge Island
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Forge Island
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The ElevatorGametype
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This is The Elevator Game!

Welcome to the game that Buddy calls "The most casual game of Halo 4!"
Not much to explain here, just spawn and run into the elevator and see where you are brought!
the elevator gametype.jpg

"The no weapon mod really adds to the hilarity"
With over 20 different rooms with their very own twists, The Elevator Game has tons of replay value!
Also, another special aspect is that in some rooms there is a secret plasma pistol. But you better hurry, you only have a minute to find it!
Although it really doesn't have any real objective, The Elevator Game is still lots of fun with a talkative lobby!
You'll hear plenty of "Where am I?"s and "What's happening?"s.
So what are you waiting for? Download it!

Where will the elevator take you?

Based off of this hilarious video:

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Latest reviews

this game I heard was very causal by the man named Budddyyy and it is true especially seeing all the killballs and ending rounds b4 the killball coming at you and the chair stopping it and all in all it was a very fun CASUAL GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's nice to see something different in Halo. Definitely worth having a group of energetic people with you. I played it through twice by myself and I was still entertained what this map has. Sure, it was not like the video that was posted with this, but you can do so much in forge.
So many Rooms So many Kill balls so many deaths. So much to do. Na in all seriousness great job on the most Casual map i have ever seen. I ah cant really say much more than well great Job :D
Jeez Charles, I really didnt expect 5 stars from you! Since you were so confused ;) Thanks a lot!