BTB Autumn Valley

Standard BTB Autumn Valley 2016-09-04

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Supported Core Gametypes
Slayer, Strongholds, Multi Flag CTF
Autumn valley is a symetrical assassin, ctf and stronghold map.
It takes place in a forerunner world inspired by the aesthetic structures of Halo 3 and 4. The aesthetic out of the map is asymetric, the two main bases got a balcony by which you have two great different views.
On the red/orange base I forged a large landscape out of the map with another valley which contain some waterfalls and a river.

I was really inspired by the contrast between orange and white trees and all the design is based on that. I found the ambiance with the blue particles and the irrealistic colours really interesting.

To talk about the gameplay, the two main bases are high and they are powerful places but they are exposed and haven't many weapon. The bottom of the map got more covers and more weapons. It is more strategic and got a better acces to the middle of the map.

Each team got some weapons and vehicles :

-2 br (30s respawn)
-1 dmr (30s)
-1 sniper (180s - 8 bullets
-1 plasma caster (120s)
-1 plasma pistol -30s)
-1 shotgun (120s - 10 bullets)
-2 frag grenades
-2 plasma grenades
-At the bottom-middle there is a spartan laser(180s)

-1 ghost (90s)
-1 wasp (120s)
-2 warthogs (120s)
-1 gungoose (60s)
-1 mantis (180s)

I hope you will enjoy the map, the aesthetic and the autumnal theme !

PS : I made some updates since I took the pictures, so some details are different now.
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