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A three atrium 1v1 map with rotational flow and somewhat functional 3 way symmetry. Drink lots of water and don't forget your pocket fan.

May the virtue of your soul be tested...

Journey through the depths of hell and steal the power of fire.

Seek fast travel within the howling pores of this mountain

The Devil blows fast winds between these mountain cracks.

A beast calls to be awoken, break this talisman and invoke your demons.

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Latest reviews

Being as the Unique-ness , you nailed it! It shows that you can have the most over-power'd weapon on a 1v1 map and gave the inspiration to make me want to and incorporate a Binary in a 1v1! Congratulations
The most innovative, unique, and original 1v1 map in Halo 4, without a doubt. Not to mention one of the funnest to play on as well.

It's a shame you waited so long to release this War! It really is quite an inspiration, seeing as it breaks the standard competitive 1v1 mold yet still plays exceptionally well. The large-ish scale of the map is balanced by it's openness, meaning you'll always want to be on the move, seeking out your opponent. Those wind tunnels and the treacherous (but rewarding) journey to the Incineration Cannon are just two of the innovative aspects that make this map truly unique.

Not to mention, it's damn beautiful. The rock structures and the lava effect come together perfectly to create a whole new atmosphere within the map, something that's hard to come by these days. The only complaint I ever had during my games - there's just the *tiniest* bit of framerate lag here and there. I suppose that's common with modded maps though.

All in all, Brimstone is imo the best 1v1 map to date - one that all forgers should look to as inspiration to try and "break from the mold," so to speak. Fantastic job as always, War. :)