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A fan favorite amongst those who've played it on Halo: Reach, "Knockin' Zombs Jpack Ed", initially created by PeteTheDuck, returns within the world of Halo 4. Recreated on the map Ravine, players follow a linear path from one end of the map to the other. As players attempt to progress forward, one player spawns as the infected and proceeds to enter a banshee at the start of the round. Between the players and the infected, the players are given a jetpack to use incase of being knocked off the platform in order to return back to the given path. Once a player makes it to the end, he is presented with a binary rifle and plasma pistol inside of an end house to engage with the enemy banshee.​

Unlike the Halo: Reach version, built-in sprint and the discontinuation of safe havens has altered how this version of the map is played. Player speed has dropped to 50% as well as jump height to 75%. However, player gravity has lowered to 75% to match the jump height and accommodate to the updated version of the jetpack in Halo 4 in comparison to the jetpack from Halo: Reach.

The starting loadouts include a bolt shot for the survivors, minus the fact that both survivors and the infected deal 0% damage unless they're at the end house, and an energy sword for the infected. The infected and players have only three minutes to complete their goals before the next round starts.

Happy Jet-packin'!
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