Breach on Alpine

Breach on Alpine

SoS Darth Algar
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Arena Warzone

They said we couldn't forge on Warzone maps. Well, I decided to make my own Warzone.

Welcome, to Arena Warzone!

This custom game and map are very identical to the original Warzone, although it is modified to be played in custom games. Teams of 6-8 players must work together to kill grunts and enemy players, capture bases, and be the first to reach 1000 points.

Here is how you play:

Players start off spawning in Pelicans and must clear out their home base to open it up.


Once opened, teams must fight the opposing team to clear out and capture the three middle bases. Each base held under control earns your team one point per second.


Teams can access their team colors' terminal to access their REQ station. Players also respawn in the REQ station. Here, players can select weapons and vehicles that get better as the game progresses. Once they have chosen their weapon or vehicle of choice, players can take a teleporter to either their home base or one of the middle bases they control. Players start out with a teleporter going to their home base, but gain access to the additional bases by activating them.


IMPORTANT: Once a team captures a base, they MUST active their teams' terminal to allow players to teleport there. Even if you capture a base, the enemy team could still spawn there if you don't activate your terminal. The middle pieces inside each base are color coded with the team that has access to the teleporter.

That's pretty much it for how you play.

The gametype is called "Arena Warzone" and the map is called "Breach on Alpine". Both are on my fileshare.

Also, huge thanks to SoS Darth Algar. He helped me reduce object count on my map, set up the REQ stations, teleporters, intro cameras, and helped out with some of the map design. Couldn't have done it without him :) Also, thanks to all who helped test this map out!

Brought to you by the Forge Factory team! Don't forget to checkout for a wide variety of high-quality maps made by experienced forgers!
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