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Halo Kart
"Race your friends in a hog, watch out for whomps, and get nostalgic"


A Mario Kart themed race track by: ARC GuiltySpark

Map Link: Click!

Gamemode (Link Issues, get from my files)
Halo Kart​
Map Building Process
I first got the idea for making this map when I randomly decided to play on my old wii. I took photos of this map for reference and then built all the track pieces I would need first. Once I had a strait, corner, jump, and every other little piece made, I simply snapped together all the pieces to make the track. I had major budget issues making the map from making a huge lava floor and storm ceiling out of chroma blocks and lights, so I had to cut back on some aesthetics to have enough objects for a functioning gametype. The scripting of the whomps wasnt working well so I had to make the whomp structure more simplified as well. Now The map flows 99% smoothly with few scripting glitches. Paired with the "Halo Kart" gametype, it is a really fun custom to play!

Halo Kart Gametype Settings

-Starting Vehicles are set to rally hogs, but you can change them to mongooses and ghosts as well
-Each lap is 10 points. Default settings are set to 3 laps
(30 points) but you can set however many you want
-Players are not allowed out of your vehicle, but you can set the game to allow players to spawn in passenger seats

If you would like to see how I built the map, or how to build a race track on your own, check out my Youtube channel for my Halo 5 Forge Guide video coming out soon

Guilty Spark's Youtube Channel

Thanks so much, enjoy the map :)





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