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Bouncy House
Hello, everyone!

Most people don't know this, but when I was a little girl, I always asked my parents for a pink princess inflatable bouncy house to be set up every birthday and they never rented one for me. That constant denial of my request left a lingering hole in my heart that I just had to fill. So since my parents never rented me that bouncy house, I forged one myself!

Map: Bouncy House
Gametype: Bouncy House

The map is a giant inflatable bounce house (like the kind you'd find at a children's party). The objective of the game is very simple: survive if you're a human, kill if you're a zombie. The way Bouncy House works is that there are 2 zombies on round start. One of the zombies will spawn with a hammer right next to the bouncy house and one zombie will get a sniper on a cloud off in the distance.

The survivors will be safe inside the house unless they are launched into the air where the sniper will be able to hit them. The zombie with the hammer must smash the fusion coils next to the house to launch the Spartans next to it into the air making them prime sniper bait. This requires some coordination and communication between the sniper zombie and the hammer zombie. Once a player dies, they cannot respawn until the next round.

Survivors earn points over time just for staying alive and the sniper zombie gets points for every Spartan he can pick off. Here are some screenshots to help illustrate the concept:

An overview of the Bouncy House over the sniper's shoulder:

Bouncy House overview.png

The 'hammer zombie' hits the fusion coils to launch survivors into the air:

Bouncy House hammer.png

A look at the sniping zombie's platform:

Bouncy House Rainbow.png

Perspective of a survivor (blocks turn green then move quickly upward to send Spartans flying):

Bouncy House inside.png

And there you have it!

Here are a couple tips for this map:
1. Use communication as the zombies
2. Survivors may want to stick together (sometimes a large group of Spartans flying in the air at the same time makes it harder for the sniper to get a kill)
3. Time your crouch jump's with the hammer zombie's swing to avoid getting launched.

I really hope you guys enjoy my latest map for Halo 5! I had a lot of issues with a previous Forge and decided to just make something very simple for a change :D Please try this out and give me your feedback!

Cheers! :beer:

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