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Bomber Infection 4.0
Bomber Infection 4.0

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(Map Version 4.0)


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Short Description:
Stop the infected from activating the kill balls! Don't step on the floor when it's red! Survivors and alpha infected can pilot a mantis.

Quick Guide:

  • If you are infected you can jump from platform to platform, use the man cannons and ground pound, or walk on the floor as long as it isn't red.
  • The yellow platforms have scatter grenades to collect, they move down to block and bump survivors in their mantis if you crouch on them!
  • While piloting a mantis you can walk underneath the yellow platforms to speed up by getting pushed in the direction you are walking.
  • On the red platforms you have to stand in the yellow circle and crouch to activate the kill balls!
  • To be able to shoot the explosives on the red platforms (only possible as an alpha infected or survivor) with your mantis, you'll need to use the floor man cannons (first destroy their red mantles) and stomp with your mantis while flying across the map which will slow you down so you can end up on one of the red platforms. From there you can shoot the explosives on the red platforms near you with short bursts of your mantis machine gun.
  • If you activate 2 of the 4 floating red platforms close to the center (which are changing their colour to blue instead of yellow when activated) at the same time or fast enough after each other, it will spawn the Void's Tear for you underneath the kill ball at the center.
  • If you look underneath the black tubes above the four floating red platforms at the corners of the map, you'll find a way to get the Prophets Bane. It's realy usefull to sneak up on survivors. If you equip it while standing in the plasma beams that go down to the kill balls you are completely invisible.

Game Mode Name:
Bomber Infection 4.0

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Size: 2-16 Players
(12 Players recommended)

Author's Gamertag: Roughsta

Detailed Description

To start the round, hit and destroy the shield you are facing as an infected, or standing on as a survivor. It will make the survivors drop down to the battlefield and at the same time clear the way for the infected to reach the light at the end of their tube where they'll fall down to their own part of the battlefield.

The infected have to run through this horizontal tube first, to arrive a bit later than the survivors on the map, so they can't kill the survivors right at the start. As a survivor you will get dropped behind a mantis. Grab it immediatly and jump down, or the soft killzone will turn you into an infected.


The infected can jump from platform to platform above the survivors, which all are piloting a mantis.

On the red platforms are explosives that can be triggered by the infected when crouching in the yellow circle, hitting them with a melee attack or by ground pound. It's also possible to shoot the explosives with a mantis, when you are an alpha infected, or when you have found the voids tear.

These explosives are triggering scripts for kill balls below them. When activated they rise slowly up from the ground and then spread fast in 4 directions (bomberman style) to kill and infect survivors.
To get points for a kill like that, you need to do damage on the victim before it gets killed by the ball.

The 2 alpha infetcted can also pilot a mantis although they are weaker than the survivors with it.

Alpha infected can gather and carry up to 3 scatter grenades on the yellow platforms to disable a mantis with e.m.p.
All other infected can gather and carry up to 2 scatter grenades.

Infected can jump, climb and thrust to dodge the rockets of the survivors. It's also possible to walk on the higher up breakout walls and on the floor as long as it isn't red. Infected can also kamikaze ground pound or spartan charge a mantis to damage it right before it gets hit by a kill ball, to get kill points.
If you are standing on a red floor square you'll get teleported into the kill ball at the center!

The floor square will turn yellow just a second before changing to red, so you'll have time to jump off before your body gets turned into fireworks floating out of the kill ball at the center.

  • Kills as an alpha give you 30 points.
  • All Infected have E.M.P. Hammers to paralize and kill survivors in their mantis.
  • Infected can just crouch on the center of the red platforms to activate the kill balls.
  • Kills as regular infected give you 20 points.
  • Killing the last survivor gives you 100 Points.
  • Alpha Infected can pilot a mantis.
  • Infected can jump accross the whole map with four mancannons which are facing each other on opposite sides. This way they can start floating in a zero gravity field above the map. This enables them to ground pound on the explosives from far away, to get the survivors off guard.
  • While red couloured, floor squares are deadly if you are standing on them without a mantis.


As a survivor you can use the yellow bumpers and the red man cannons to get fast accross the map. The yellow bumpers will squeeze your mantis and push you in the direction you are walking.

When you get out of a mantis you'll not be able to move anymore and you'll become an easy target for the kill balls.
The longer you survive, the more points you'll get.

  • Survivors can use the man cannons on the floor after they have destroyed their destructible red mantles, to jump from side to side to escape or "roadkill" the infected. But as soon as the kill balls near the mancannons get triggered, the jump pads are blocked and become deadly traps.
  • Each second you'll earn 1 point for surviving.
  • Kills give you 20 points.
  • Kills as the last survivor give you 30 points.
  • Surviving a round gives you 100 points.
  • Becoming the last survivor also gives you 100 points.

  • There are no penalty - points for suicide.
  • Friendly fire is off.
  • A game lasts 6 rounds of up to 3 minutes.

Please let me know if you like it or if you have any suggestions, questions or improvement ideas.

Thanks for reading and checking it out.

I hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as I do.
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